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Certainty Advice

Certainty Advice is a proven step-by-step approach that accelerates the delivery of value clients love. Our vision is to provide valuable financial advice to the majority of Australians by accelerating the comprehensive advice skills of advisory teams.

How advisory firms are achieving greater value using Certainty Advice

Joel Seach & Naz Kaur

From Bank Adviser to Certainty Adviser

Annette Pulbrook

From Principal Accountant to Certainty Adviser

Tim Carrigg

From Financial Planner to Certainty Adviser

Kylie & Jarad Stirling

From busy family firm to productive Certainty Advisory Team

Stacey Taylor

From Senior Accountant to Certainty Adviser


A valuable path for advisory teams of the future

With a proven track record since 2004, Certainty Advice has been the driving force behind elevating the performance, success and growth of advisory teams. Whether just starting or seasoned adviser, Certainty Advice propels committed team members to consistently, methodically, and valuably engage clients.


Certainty Advice is a skills-based program preparing advisory teams for the real world of advice – delivering enduring value to their clients. The best curriculum is the one that delivers the right precedent, agenda, meeting framework, workflow, tool or feedback when it is most needed by advisory teams as they implement their learnings

A community for collaborative opinion leaders

The wisdom to build sustainable models is found in the implementation. Every Certainty Advice model has been tested, proven and enhanced by the check-ins, sharing, accountability, open sessions and experiences of many diverse and committed advisory teams supporting other collaborative teams deliver greater value to clients. Connecting and sharing each team’s journey to a new advisory profession ensures the support critical when teams encounter their growth challenges.


Enduring progress comes from skills not knowledge. We will show you the path, support you with the tools, give you the feedback as you implement skills, build plans and create the most valuable firm possible.


Navigating new paths is easier with the support from a community on similar journeys. When you encounter inevitable roadblocks, the Certainty Community, advisory teams that think like you, are right there to give you the valuable insights, tips and support you’re seeking to make every step count.


A constantly growing compilation of priced client engagement precedents, instructional clips, step-by-step workflows, self-paced learning webinars, client meeting tools, recommended suppliers, business planning templates, and performance benchmarks, all curated onto your personal skilling ‘hub’. 

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