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What is this event?

Due to pandemic, travel restrictions and life as we know it at present, we are adapting. And there has never been a more important time to build the momentum and support for advisory firms offering comprehensive advice – demands are high and will continue to grow. This Certainty Online Event will bring together great firms, good tools and most importantly practical insights to advance when we, as advisers have to advance quicker and better than ever before – if you wish to tap into a committed group of advisory firms building the future of conflict-free comprehensive advice, you won’t find a better session anywhere else – Certainty Advice – the future of advice. 

How is this EVENT different to the other quarterly Cultivating Advice Workshops?

Being online, this Event is unique in approach, techniques and format. There will be ‘common whiteboards’, online case studies, a later start and earlier finish. While there are still details to be hammered out, there are a number of similarities to our quarterly face-to-face events. For instance, the event will still include ‘panels of experts’,  time for Q&A, and the important sharing of experiences. We’re hoping the lessons from this event will add improved support material and techniques to our growing community of like-minded professional firms implementing Certainty Advice. We are keen to get your feedback as to what works, what doesn’t and what else should be included in these unique online environments.

How many people can I register to attend the Event?

For both existing online members and non-members, your registration gives you one login. Yes, I get that someone can register for one seat and then send that link out, but we ask you don’t. Yes, there will be a recording of each session and events sent to you, which you can also spread around, but again we ask you that you don’t. Existing Cultivating Advice Workshop Members have an unlimited number of logins. If you have any questions – please yell out, using the query box on this page or by calling +61 (0)2 89669135.

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