2011 Cultivating Advice Workshops commence 13 May

The Australian financial advice marketplace is changing fast.  Advice firms wanting to thrive in the inevitable commission-free, opt-in/opt-out, fiduciary-based market environment must position themselves to hit the ground running.  Are you ready to be one of these leaders?

Every year, my business – Strategic Consulting & Training (SCAT) – provides year-long Cultivating Advice Workshop programs to help financial advisory firms become the most valuable advice firms in the market.  Since the programs started in 2004, SCAT has skilled over 250 advisory firms, and guided them through their unique implementations of the Cultivating Advice approach.

This year’s Cultivating Advice workshop program will be held in Sydney, starting on 13 May.

Cultivating Advice shows you how to:

  • thrive in an inevitable commission-free, opt-in/opt-out, fiduciary-based advice marketplace
  • have 90% of your clients thrilled with your advice
  • price your valuable financial advice to achieve 40% profit per client every year
  • obtain your ideal advice prospects and engage 80% of them
  • increase your client face-to-face time to 60% per adviser
  • gain 2 new referrals per 3 advice clients per annum
  • achieve PE 10+ and grow your firm

The Cultivating Advice program consists of four intensive full-day workshops and monthly progress calls with a SCAT coach to assess your implementation efforts, keep you on track with goals, and focus on your current challenges and opportunities. We aim to skill every workshop participant (max 12) in core subject matter to a level of mastery effective for their current and future roles.

Take a step towards securing your position as a leader in the Australian financial advice market by downloading the Cultivating Advice Workshops brochure** now.  You can also contact Angela Dooley at our office on (02) 9955 6222 for further information.

**Contains client testimonials, advice about fees and obligations, and a Declaration of Acceptance form to enrol in the program.

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