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Frequently Asked Questions

What is this event?

Everything we do at Certainty Advice Group begins from the perspective of delivering valuable unconflicted advice to as many Australians as possible. Once a year we run this event – the Certainty Conference. Because we believe we learn and gain the confidence for the growth we seek from peers than from theory, these Conferences feature advisory teams from over Australia of all shapes, sizes, ages and expertise sharing their progress towards our objective of delivering unconflicted, valuable advice. Due to pandemic, travel restrictions and life as we know it at present, we are running this year’s virtually. There has never been a more important time to build the momentum and support for advisory firms offering comprehensive advice – demands are high and will continue to grow. We will also have specific speakers for the year ahead. 

How is this EVENT different to the other quarterly Certainty workshops?

This event features our selected panelists sharing their unique & common approaches. All firms are different, expertise is different, cleints are different, objectives are different, but beliefs about building consistent, specific and methodical advice practices to spread the unconflicted and valuable advice are common. Each session will feature moderated Q&A. We also use these annual conferences to annouce new developments, present our latest Discussion Paper on the Future of Advice, and latest updates to our Certainty Advice approaches for 2021. 

How many people can I register to attend the Event?

Members get access to as many logins as required for their team. Guests registration provides one login. We understand some Guests will make one registration and have their whole team attend in Board Rooms – we ask you to make ‘extra’ donation above the ticket price which we will forward directly to our favourite charity – Streetwork – which helps stressed and lost kids here on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. 

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