Career as a financial adviser?

In a usual week, we receive one unsolicitored CV or enquiry from an aspiring adviser looking for a new advice firm they hope will better progress their career. They’ve read our stuff and figure we can provide introductions to the firms they seek. This week however, we received three unsolicitored CVs. Two from institutional advisers and one from a small firm.

We aren’t a placement firm (although I have thought about it a couple of times) so we usually respond that it isn’t our main job, but we will, if the opportunity arises to confidentially pass on information whenever appropriate.

Generally I find these applicants are seeking more validation in their chosen careers as advisers.

When I make contact, I find they usually feel surpressed by their current positions which is either (a) keeping them in the background flat out writing financial plans with a focus more on the client’s money than on the client’s lives or (b) they feel forced to sell to their friends or colleagues using a proposition they aren’t comfortable with themselves or (c) they feel obliged to repeat the career of their current superiors knowing that the days when their superiors earned their success and reputations seem as dated as the pre-internet days.

Or maybe they just aren’t performing in their current roles?

What do you think?

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