Certainty Adviser Conference

Thursday 12th November, 2020


“The panel discussions at these events provide insights rarely heard elsewhere regarding how comprehensive advisory teams are dealing with the current issues in the industry.”

Paul Gilbey


Come and hear how advisory firms are building their advice brands for the post-FASEA era



“When changes are needed, hearing how other advisers are progressing is invaluable”

Anthony Roe



“Solid discussions about our fees and pricing have helped us build new paradigms about client value”

Tim Dawe



“We take something valuable away every time”

Donna Laverick


Welcome To The Future of Advice

The May 2020 Certainty Adviser Conference is for anyone interested in the future of advice from practitioners implementing their unique approach of comprehensive financial advice. Certainty Advisers are not a dealer group, not an association, not a new profession. Their distinguishing commonality is commitment to a standard of comprehensive advice without real or perceived conflict.

Talks & Panels


Our May 2020 Conference aims to inform, illustrate, prepare and potentially challenge attendees regarding the changes being made to build advisory firms whose prosperity is purely linked to  delivery of the value each client seeks. Our objective is to accelerate the new advice paradigms so more Australians have access to valuable comprehensive advice enabling them to live better financial lives. 


Talk and panel discussion regarding the evolution in thinking, approach and growth when clients themselves are a firm’s central focus and proposition, not their money. This Talk is what I wish someone had said to me when I started BRAVIUM ten years ago

Scott Farmer, Principal of BRAVIUM Canberra

'IT's Neither accounting or wealth - it's advice'

Talk and panel discussion regarding the true merger of core principals of accountants and planners – serve the best interests of clients delivering the value they seek and need in their lives. The focus on product & subject matter expertise has not advanced the value for more Australians – that must change.

Annette Pulbrook, Director of FINBIZ ADVISERS Warners Bay

'VALUE always determines the price'

Talk and panel discussion regarding the pricing of valuable advice without dependency on product or hourly rates. Without traditional unrealistic price relativities, only clients can confirm value provided of course all fees are clearly expressed in one figure each year of engagement.

Anne-Marie Humphries, Principal of HUON FINANCIAL PLANNING Albury 

'IT's about money or advice or planning'

Talk and panel discussion regarding the shifting focus back to advice or planning and ramifications for growing firms. The chase for high-net-worth client opportunities to clip big ticket clients has distracted too many advisers from the value inherent in every client’s planning and advice needs

Travis Martin, Principal of MONUMENT ADVISORY West Perth

'new responsibilities of comprehensive ADVICE TEAms'

Talk and panel discussion regarding the evolution of comprehensive advisory teams. Reducing dependency on most experienced technical skills, rising dependency on teams who can consistently identify both client value and complexity. As technical skills become more widespread, the new skills are bringing the former back office into the front office.

Reine Clemow, Principal of ACQUIRA WEALTH PARTNERS Gold Coast

'why COMPLEXITY management is core'

Talk and panel discussion regarding the evolution of advice beyond strategic advice, goals advice, values advice. Advice is only required when circumstance, situations or behaviours arise that cannot be resolved without intervention. Understand complexities & understand a client for life.

Julie Hautot, Partner of HYWOOD PARTNERS Perth

'it's not risk, super, tax, or cashflow - it's advice'

Talk and panel discussion regarding the evolution from single subject matter expertise for high transactional fees to multiple services under management for single clear dollar fees. Whilst specialists will always have a place, the treatment of the whole serves the clients best interests greater than single isolated advice.

Neil Watson, Director of THE PLANNING ROOM Cammeray

'from investments to projects'

Talk and panel discussion regarding the shift to core advisory functions of strategic, client and project management to address the unique complexities, transitions and aspirations in our client’s lives. Investments matter, but only like the scalpel in the hands of a skilled surgeon. Why the client pays fees is less about what tools are used and more about their clear progress to what they value. 

Paul Birch, Principal of PACIFIC WEALTH Manly Vale


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Thank You

10% of all Conference proceeds will be donated to the best unknown charity on our Northern Beaches – Streetwork – the last resort for growing numbers of lost, stressed kids.

Meet The Convenor

Jim Stackpool

Jim Stackpool

Founder - Certainty Advice Group

For nearly 30 years Jim has influenced, coached, and consulted to advisory firms across Australia. As founder of Certainty Advice Group, he leads a like-minded team of professional advisory firms seeking to create greater certainty for their clients. As an author, blogger, columnist, and keynote speaker, Jim is regularly called upon for his professional insights into the advice industry.

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