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Scott Farmer - Uplifting Existing Clients Fees
Scott Farmer from Bravium Canberra shares the team's recent experience uplifting the fees for most existing Certainty Clients. The key messages are to maintain the focus on value, avoid the old habit to discuss the advisory components, and properly position the decision-making purpose of the conversation
Fast Tracking Certainty Teams
The greatest contributor to consistent growth is team work. Quality teams, well skilled, collaboratively building great reputations by ensuring valuable progress for Certainty Clients. Where do team members come from? What are the great questions to ask in final interviews? Are there consistent measures of growth? How do firms balance grow in senior and support skills? Great session with insights from four great Certainty firms at various stages of their own development.
The Certainty CFO
Annette Pulbrook from FinBiz Advisers at Warners Bay shares how her Certainty Advice model has adapted to provide CFO offerings. Annette shares how this proposition has evolved, shares what she provides, the pre-requisites for advisers, how she prices this work and provides valuable insights for others considering the evolution of their advice model into to play the role of CFO for clients.
The Certainty Path to SME Advice with Scott Farmer - Bravium, Canberra
Certainty Adviser Scott Farmers shares his experiences shifting his firm's advice focus to SME opportunities. Key messages here is don't waste time waiting for the right tools, breakthrough prices totally changes your mindset about your potential, and it's all about being an expert on the process rather than specific technical elements - a great practical session for firms expanding into SME advice.
19 March 2021 Certainty Adviser Workshop
Click on the March 19th 2021 – Certainty Adviser Session title above, you will be able to view & download all Session Materials.

Lesson Content

Lesson Content
Welcome & Opening
Jim Stackpool & Martin Mulcare introduce the March 19th Certainty Adviser Conference - Introductions, Progress and Objectives.
Session 2: Advising SMEs
Advising SMEs - Participants share their experiences, insights and approaches using Certainty Advice frameworks with their SME Client Clients
Session 3: Integrating Project Management
Integrating Project Management & Certainty Advice - Participants share the tools, different varieties of projects, third party experts and how they manipulate Certainty Advice into their project management approach.
Session 4: Advanced Pricing
Participants share their current range of pricing precedents, their 'high end' examples of advanced pricing, how they manage and price scope changes, and how they pitch breakthrough advice work.
Session 5: Positioning & Extending Certainty Advice
Jim Stackpool presents and facilitates discussions for broadening the awareness, reach and growth of Certainty Advice in coming six months using each firm and appointing a new influencer for the brand.
Session 6: Commitments
Participants summarise and record their commitments for follow-up at the August 2021 workshop.
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