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19 March 2021 Certainty Adviser Workshop
Click on the March 19th 2021 – Certainty Adviser Session title above, you will be able to view & download all Session Materials.

Lesson Content

Lesson Content
Welcome & Opening
Jim Stackpool & Martin Mulcare introduce the March 19th Certainty Adviser Conference - Introductions, Progress and Objectives.
Session 2: Advising SMEs
Advising SMEs - Participants share their experiences, insights and approaches using Certainty Advice frameworks with their SME Client Clients
Session 3: Integrating Project Management
Integrating Project Management & Certainty Advice - Participants share the tools, different varieties of projects, third party experts and how they manipulate Certainty Advice into their project management approach.
Session 4: Advanced Pricing
Participants share their current range of pricing precedents, their 'high end' examples of advanced pricing, how they manage and price scope changes, and how they pitch breakthrough advice work.
Session 5: Positioning & Extending Certainty Advice
Jim Stackpool presents and facilitates discussions for broadening the awareness, reach and growth of Certainty Advice in coming six months using each firm and appointing a new influencer for the brand.
Session 6: Commitments
Participants summarise and record their commitments for follow-up at the August 2021 workshop.
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