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Certainty Roundtables

Certainty Community members sharing their implementation experiences

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Building/Merging Clients Advice Bases
We advise proceed with caution when considering a merger or acquisition of an advice client base. This session highlights the different generations of advisory firms which is an important framework to segment any acquisition/merger effort. The key is productivity growth, not activity growth. Too often mergers are not driven by better serving clients best interests or driven by a focus on more activity. In these fast-changing times this session highlights some of the key steps to make these opportunities work.
Outgrowing Advice Clients
A challenge of great advice firms is the growth of client bases. In the old financial planning days clients will often placed in 'quiet' status while firms still earned a small return until client's needed additional advice. Those days are gone if not going. How do advice firms manage the clients they might be outgrowing today?
How Your Advice Grid will Power Your Price Committee
Shifting from a Fees-For-Service pricing methodology based upon products, hours or range of services to a Value-For_Money pricing methodology based upon value, Advice Grids provide the vital management in four key areas of business growth - this Roundtable facilitates discussions and presents the models to support Advice Grids.
Inducting New Team Members - 1st Day/2nd Chair
In the future team members will leverage rather than repeat the careers of founders - what's this mean? A lot - particularly when understood against the fundamental shift in value away from product performance to path performance - how people are progressing rather than how products are preforming. This session shares some tools, thinking and models to assist every firm's transition to best induct team members for the fast emerging era of advice.
Selling Once, Twice, Three Times
Why do some advisers sell the same thing three times? The financial plan, the plan's implementation and the on-going fees? How can advisers switch this to just selling once - the advisory relationship? Key to advisory teams offering comprehensive advice is to ensure their 'worth' in the client's mind is not aligned to a plan or it's implementation of estimated on-going fees, worth needs to be based on something far more important to each client.
Quoting Prior Discovery
When asked about price prior understanding value being sought, advisers need to become educators. Pricing on value for people's life choices is different to pricing on product for people's product choices - the differences need to be explained. This session provides the frameworks that Certainty Advisory teams have effectively used to explain their approach with respect and quickly.
Different Financial Languages
It is important to talk the client's "language" when advising them with Certainty. Russ Alan Prince introduced me to his High-Net-Worth Psychology nearly 20 years ago. I believe the tools and approach he presents is applicable for many clients with complexity. This session highlights Russ' nine financial personalities and the driving 'context' that underpins their unique financial world.
Lessons from Lost Opportunities
We learn our best lessons the hard way - when we don't expect them. In this session, the Certainty Advice community discusses some of those opportunities that were lost. What was missing, what happened, what changes have been made, what skills were missing are all discussed. Learning from the lessons of others is core to our Certainty Community especially when trying to deliver the best interests of our prospects and clients.
Firm growth with SME advice
Advising SMEs is a growth area for firms implementing Certainty Advice. In this session, Justin joins Jim to discuss how after three months of using Certainty Advice his firm secured their first SME client for a $40k fee for six months. Hear how he made his first steps to better understand your own opportunities in the fast-developing SME marketplace.
Screen Clients with Certainty
Once advice propositions are proven (usually 12 months), team productivity is vital for healthy growth and ability to deliver best interests of clients. While every enquiry deserves equal respect, they do not all deserve equal service. How do Certainty Advisory team effectively screen clients respectfully and effectively. What are the benchmarks, models and approaches? This session provides the insights.
Engaging new clients with Certainty
When pricing and engaging on worth and value rather than products with specific recommendations, what is the required to produce quality and effective engagement documents with efficiency. In this session the Certainty Advice community share their insights how their advisory teams are engaging their new prospects.
Fixed and Variable Pricing with Certainty
Scoping comprehensive advice requires a specific and methodical approach to pricing. Scope changes all the time, making scope management a consistent management requirement. This session outlines the approach both for quoting scope, when to use fixed and when to use variable quotes, but more importantly shares a practical monthly team-based scope management approach.
Repositioning with Certainty Forum
Why don't good clients re-engage? Is it price? Is it positioning? Is it both? This Certainty Forum discusses important differences when re-engaging as a Certainty Adviser. It's less about being seen as a 'technical' expert and more about positioning with a valuable on-going relationship - but how? This session explores the options.
Specialising with Certainty
Not all clients need, want or remain comprehensive clients. Approximately 30% of most clients at any time engage on narrower propositions than 'full-service' advice. This roundtable features how several Certainty Advice firms are managing, pricing and engaging and re-engaging their 'Specialist' clients.
Promotion with Certainty
Every firm on his Webinar agrees that specific promotion for specific types of clients will grow. But how? Three Certainty Advice firms share their lessons, anecdotes, platforms (media and in-person) that are assisting them increase their returns from their promotional efforts.
Advising SME's
Advising SME's with Certainty Advice is a growth area. Advising using the Plato Principle of "Cure of a part should not be attempted without treatment of the whole" with a client whose financial life is 'attached' to a SME, requires additional planning and consideration of the complexities of the SME which and both separate and intertwined to personal lives. This Roundtable discusses the approach that supports a firm's progression deeper into SME Advice using the Certainty approach.
How to Build Certainty Workflows
All progress needs some sort of road system. In small business, the 'road' systems that convey all the expectations, datafeeds, priorities, plans, messages, and instructions seem always to be their own 'work-in-progress'. In this Certainty Panel Roundtable with Reine Clemow from Acquira Wealth Partners and Tim Carrigg from Apprise Advisory, we cover the challenges, approaches, tools and techniques used to build better workflows and also hear what longer term workflows will help these firms succeed.
Releasing Inappropriate Clients
Releasing clients is tough. Releasing your biggest clients is particularly tough. But that is exactly what Peter Stevenson and team at Signate Private Wealth did when they were no longer appropriate to work with. This unique session provides insights into what is vital in the delivery of valuable advice - common values. It also highlights key aspects of Peter's approach that allowed the tough conversations and dis-engagement to be managed as best it could. From celebrating the engagement of the firm's largest clients to subsequent release and realisation of what makes the firm great - this is a valuable roundtable for firms seeking to understand the core elements of great advisory relationships.
Breakthrough Uplifts
Advisers are not properly 'wired' for uplift conversations with existing clients. There is a tendency to put the increase in fees conversations in the too hard basket for a number of common reasons. This Roundtable shares the tools, approach and thinking behind their successful implementation of valuable uplifts for existing clients.
Breakthrough Teamwork
The best interests of advisory teams trumps the best interests of client if for firms aiming to consistently and methodically deliver the best interests for each client. Ensuring teams are aligned, productive, in sync, needs to be as a result of a committed strategy rather than vague hope. This Roundtable explores five breakthrough approaches to ensure teams, their careers, their roles and the firm's business plan are aligned.
Breakthrough Marketing
Breakthrough Marketing is all about raising productivity, forging consistent habits and a willingness to go beyond existing comfort zones. Most Certainty Advice don't need more clients but more of the right clients. This session shares the basic tools, the scripts and thinking to help you fast-track effective marketing that needs to be made habitual. It isn't about implementing everything here, just that one tactic that will power your confidence by attracting the clients that represent your future.
Breakthrough Habits
Breakthrough Habits - These are the ten habits that I've observed accelerate the value for clients and firms engaging with Certainty Advice. From scheduling habits, to listening habits, to induction habits, all of these have been proven in firms willing to change habits to deliver greater value, build careers quicker and build greater advisory firms.
Breakthrough Clients
Breakthrough Clients build productive advisory firms. They act to align business plans, careers, productivity and growth more effectively and efficiently than 'average clients'. All clients deserve equal respect, but breakthrough clients deserve special attention for firms seeking to understand their worth and productivity.
Paraplanning best practices
Paraplanning is an essential element of financial advice. There are many approaches to implementing Paraplanning within Certainty Advice firms, but what are some of the best practices? Annette Pulbrook from Finbiz led these discussions as her team confronts needed change. Lots of good discussions, suggested approaches, supporting software and tips to achieve best practices.
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