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Certainty Community members sharing their implementation experiences

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Craig Abela - Pricing your Advice right in 2021
Craig Abela from Signate Private Wealth on Queensland's sunny Gold Coast discusses the lessons, insights and returns they are achieving with their well implemented Pricing Committee. The firm has a range of advisers, a range of clients but a common methodology for pricing their advice based upon Certainty Advice's approach - that is, purely upon the value as judged by their clients.
Performing Principal Adviser with Certainty
Russell Wadey from Insight Family Wealth Consultants in Sydney and Scott Farmer from Bravium in Canberra share their experiences, lessons and mindsets as they perform and deliver as Principal Advisers.
Neil Watson, The Planning Room - 2021 Business Planning
Neil Watson Principal of The Planning Room shares the business planning journey of their firm over the last six to eight months. Neil describes how his firm has move from a firm that infrequently planned to a firm committed to regular planning. What's changed. Also how did they do it, with what tools, which are also included in this special Certainty Roundtable on practical and workable business planning.
Forum - Re-engaging Certainty Clients
Re-engaging existing Certainty Clients is different to re-engaging clients on narrower interests of tax, investment, superannuation, or business reviews. This Forum Roundtable discusses the experiences firms are having as well as some of the best practices to indicate a Certainty Advice firm's approach to Re-Engaging existing is as valuable as possible for each re-engaging client.
Forum - Determining a Certainty Client
This is the first in our new Roundtable Forum series. The objectives of the Roundtable Forums is to facilitate discussions on a specific 'big picture' topic for everyone that attends live. Our first topic for the Forum is "Who is a Certainty Client" and how do firms determine which clients to use the Certainty Advice with.
Anthony Roe - Certainty Business Planning
Anthony Roe from Roe Financial, a boutique advisory firm initially established by Anthony and Stuart Roe's father, now undergoing significant growth share the firms approach to effective business planning involving the whole team while being open with all the key aspects of what it takes to grow a great advisory brand.
Daniel Creagan - Skilling Advisory Teams
Dan Creagan - Senior Adviser from William Buck Sydney - shares his learning journey over his five years at William Buck. Building consistent and specific discovery and engagement skills across a growing team of now 23 team members has taught Dan the three essential elements all teams need to work on to build higher performing teams.
Certainty Roundtable on re-engagement
Re-engagement Meetings are special for Certainty Clients. Here Lisa Waddingham and Stacey Taylor from Finbiz Advisers in Warners Bay join Samantha Albiez from Bravium in Canberra to discuss their experiences conducting Certainty Advice Re-engagement Meetings - listen to their confidence as they talk how they approach, conduct and re-price their Certainty Clients every year.
Joel Seach - How Advice Maps reinforce my role as a Comprehensive Adviser
Joel Seach principal of Harpel Financial Group in Melbourne shares his insights, learnings and techniques using Advice Maps for his wealth accumulator and pre-retiree clients. Key insights regarding how Joel positions and presents each Advice Map - Advice Mapping has become a vital element of Joel's process is just twelve months of experience.
Reine Clemow & Travis Martin - Working Effectively with Alliances
Travis Martin from Monument Advisory in West Perth and Reine Clemow from Acquira Wealth Partners in Gold Coast share their insights, experiences and tips as to build a methodical approach to finding and building alliances with like-minded professional firms - a central element when offering the principal advice function of Certainty Advice.
Scott Farmer - Managing Cash Flow for Certainty Clients
Bravium Canberra's founder - Scott Farmer - is good at managing the cash flows of his wealth accumulator clients. He's managed to take the mystery and hard work from cashflow management and make it seamless, easily to maintain and very effective for Bravium's advice. Check out his journey to better cash flow management for his Certainty Clients.
Jarad Stirling - Growing through Covid
Jarad Stirling Principal of Stirling Financial Consulting shares the two core tactics and one focus area that has help his boutique advisory firm Grow through covid not just go through Covid - some great insights for us all as we implement our own version of Certainty Advice.
James Sali - Achieving Breakthrough Certainty Advice Engagements
James Sali from Signate Private Wealth on Queensland's Gold Coast shares how the firm identified, priced and conducted a recent client breakthrough engagement using Certainty Advice.
Panel Roundtable - On-Going Service Propositions & Fees
The 2nd in series of our new Panel Roundtables. Samantha Albeiz from Canberra-based Bravium, Annette Pulbrook from Warner's Bay-based FInbiz and Donna Laverick from Aquira Wealth Partners based in Gold Coast share their approach with their entrepreneurial wealth accumulators and pre-retiree client base. 30 min
Panel Roundtable - First year fees and what's included
The first one in our series of “Panel roundtables”. In this one, Paul Birch from Pacific Wealth in Manly and Dan Creagan from William Buck in downtown Sydney share their common first year engagement approach and fees. Both firms are different in structure, size, clientele and experience, but share a common approach - unconflicted, comprehensive Certainty Advice relationships.
Jim Stackpool - Review of the August 13th Certainty "Leadership" Workshop
Jim Stackpool takes you through the highlights of our August 13th online event, summarising the key insights, learnings, commitments and plans that emerged from all the sessions.
Paul Gilbey - Training your advisory niches
Paul Gilbey, from Hywood Partners on St Georges Terrace in Perth talks about his training initiative for this small business clients and prospects. Paul has invested money and time to build a training curriculum for his advisory niche - small business owners and shares his wealth of knowledge with us.
Peter Stevenson - The leadership to grow from bank adviser to 25 member wealth team
Peter Stevenson, from the newly branded Signate Private Wealth., shares the insights, learnings and issues from their recent rebranding. Peter has managed to achieve impressive growth both organically and inorganically while increasing quality of advice, building better systems and training his talented team.
Ric Poletti - A journey from 'disliking' Certainty Discoveries to Mastery - Insights to Great Discovery Meetings
Ric Poletti from William Buck Wealth discusses implementing their own approach of Certainty Advice and shares valuable lessons, insights, and recommendations for every team mastering the delivery of value for their clients.
Stuart Roe - Lessons on our firm's Journey to Value Pricing
Stuart Roe from Roe Financial in shares Roe Financial's biggest insights on their fruitful path over the last couple of years of implementing their own approach to Value Pricing.
Reine Clemow - The more time put into our own planning, the better we get
Reine Clemow from Acquira Wealth Partner in downtown Gold Coast shares his strategic plan for FY20/21. Reine runs a tight ship, made some hard decisions regarding outsourcing in FY19/20, and has just finished first round of his team's strategic planning for FY20/21.
Joel Seach - How to best convert 'Oldco' clients to Certainty Clients
Joel Seach from Harpel Financial Group in Melbourne shares his success in introducing Certainty Advice to many of his existing clients. Joel's learnings, approach and returns will provide valuable insights for anyone who has had to consider how best to approach existing clients and introduce Certainty Advice.
Lessons from Colorado - Matt Kelley sharing the Insights implementing Certainty Advice in America
Matt Kelley ,who runs Gold Medal Waters boutique advisory firm in Boulder Colorado - . Shares his experience with implementing his own version of Certainty Advice to his USA clients.
Neil Watson - How Certainty Advice has changed our advisory firm
Neil Watson from The Planning Room discusses how he and the team at The Planning Room have 'shifted their context' as a consequence of their progress over the last twelve months. How they plan, how they attract clients, how they conduct their business and even their roles. And they are getting results.
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