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Certainty Teams


Certainty Teams

Teams sessions are SUPPORT HUBS for specific roles within Certainty Advice teams. 

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Directors have to balance and separate their strategy and demands of ownership with the responsibilities and hurdles of day-to-day workloads. Planning for growth is important but needs Accountability, ongoing monitoring of Progress and Support for inevitable hurdles of growth. The regular Certainty Team sessions ensure the Directors and Practice Managers implementing Certainty Advice are only one insight away from the confidence needed to spark their next strategic breakthrough.
Chief Operating Officers (COO's)
The Practice management or COO role in small firms is tough. While the firm's own plan is important, it lacks the crucial urgency compared to the day-to-day busy operations of a firm continually reacting to everyone else's (especially client's) priorities over their own. These roles also have to juggle their own long list of operational responsibilities alongside the 'referee/umpire' authority on all roles alignment to the firm's plan. These Certainty Teams sessions provide the SUPPORT so COOs do not feel alone in their authority and responsibilities as COO, no matter how small or large their firms are.
The Certainty Leaders Team work together to accelerate their mastery of Certainty Advice and positioning as future Advice Leaders. Together teams can achieve more confidence, progress and perspective than individually as they spread valuable advice for more Australians
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