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Certainty Teams


Certainty Teams

Our regular Teams sessions serve as SUPPORT HUBS for advisory team members who advance best by learning how others who are performing similar roles are progressing.

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Introduction to the Accelerator Team where those mastering the Certainty Approach share their insights, tips and lessons as they balance their 'old ways' of engaging, managing, pricing and delivering value with the new 'Certainty Advice' approach. Bound by common objectives of delivering comprehensive and valuable advice, the individual hurdles and paths are better managed for clients and participating advisory team members.
The COO role is small firms is tough. While the firm's own plan is important, it lacks the crucial urgency compared to the day-to-day busy operations of a firm continually reacting to everyone else's priorities over their own. These roles also have to juggle their own long list of operational responsibilities alongside the 'referree/umpire' authority on all roles alignment to the firm's plan. These sessions provide the SUPPORT so COOs do not feel alone in their authority and responsibilities as COO, no matter how small or large their firms are.
The majority of Directors have two day-to-day jobs - the first is finding, engaging and delivering advice and the second is building a business that finds, engages and delivers advice. They are usually the firms most expensive and most unproductive resources juggling their operational, managerial and strategic responsibilities. These sessions aim to reduce isolation, shorten growth paths and share the best options to advance themselves, their teams and their firms.
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