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Certainty Tutorials


Certainty Tutorials

Help Others, Provide Certainty, Achieve More

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These tutorials from Certainty Advice Group contain the theory regarding how to conduct your own Discovery Meetings.

Lesson Content

Lesson Content
How to Position the Certainty Map - Conversations One & Two
Short Demonstration of how to 'position' the Certainty Map in your client meetings.
How to Conduct the Fundamentals Conversation
Demonstration of the Certainty Map's Fundamental Conversation
How to Conduct the Signature Conversation - Straightforward Client
Demonstration of how to conduct Conversation Four- i.e. probing for a client's 'signatures' within a Certainty Topic
How to Conduct the Signature Conversations - Client Seeking Clarification
Positioning Conversation 4 with a client needing more context - a common experience
How to Conduct the Complexity Conversation
Demonstration of Certainty Map Conversation 5 - Identifying the client's unique complexities
How to Conduct the Significance Conversation
Demonstration of Certainty Map Conversation 6 - Identifying the significance of achieving the client's signatures
How to Conduct the Confirmation Conversation
Demonstration of 'closing' the Certainty Map conversation for a client - Conversation 7
How to Make Best Starts in Discovery Meetings
In-depth Video about how to make the best possible Starts with Discovery Meetings.
How to Probe Deeper Than Expected - Value is in the Detail
Value is always in the detail - Probing deeply for specific unique measures of progress for every client is a key element of successful Certainty Mapping.
How to Control Certainty Map Conversations to 20min per client
How to make Discovery Conversations efficient - i.e. approx. 20mins or less for each client.
These lessons from the growing Certainty Advice Community of firms share unique insights and recommendations from their own implementation approach to provide vital clues, tips and shortcuts for your implementation

Lesson Content

Lesson Content
How We Started our implementation- Three Adviser Firm - Roe Financial
Stuart Roe from Roe Financial Adelaide shares his experience implementing Certainty Advice within their boutique advisory firm
How we started our implementation- Accounting/ Financial Planning firm - Blackburns Business Advisers - Newcastle
Jaye tells how to make the best starts, not worrying about being perfect, how he was surprised by how well his SME clients enjoyed the process
How I started- Solo Adviser- The Master Plan
Damien Winberg - a sole operator describes the importance of a consistent first ten minutes, the need to drop fears of incompetence that never eventuated
How we run two chair Discovery Meetings - Signate Private Wealth
Amber Stevenson, from SIgnate Private Wealth Gold Coast shares her experience and insights using two chairs is Discovery meetings
Conducting Discovery Meetings with SME owners- Monument Advisory
Dieter Tode shares his many insights using Certainty Maps with this growing SME clients
These tutorials from Certainty Advice Group contain the theory regarding how to conduct your own Debrief meetings and capture the key points in a consistent, specific, and methodical manner, using our debrief form.

Lesson Content

Lesson Content
What is Debriefing?
Key points regarding the most important operational meeting to plan the engagement
When to Debrief?
Best practices regarding the debrief meetings
This lesson includes theory from Certainty Advice Group regarding how to prepare the three key engagement documents as well as practical tips and insights from our growing community.

Lesson Content

Lesson Content
Advice Map Principles
Advice Map is a primary engagement and re-engagement document, this tutorial focuses on its principles and use.
Tutorial - Creating an Advice Map using Mindjet
A brief tutorial demonstrating how to use Mindjet .
Advice Paths - Objectives and Principles
A video explaining the thinking behind the design of the Advice Path
Terms of Engagement – Objectives & Principles
Objective and key principles associated with our key engagement document- The Terms of Engagement
Nine Engagement Conversations
An overview of our nine engagement frameworks
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