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Certainty Forms


All the Certainty frameworks to support your implementation

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Standards #1 - Engagement Flow
The Engagement Flow provides an overview of our “process”. It serves as a guide to detail the purpose, outcomes, inputs and outputs from each meeting for an ideal client engagement.
Standards #2A - Discovery Conversation Frameworks
The Discovery Conversation Frameworks provide a consistent, specific and methodical guide for conducting your Discovery Conversations. If you are a beginner, we recommend starting by familiarising yourself with these and the Certainty Map.
Standards #2B – Discovery conversation flows
How do you handle a client constantly interrupting their partner during a Discovery Conversation? How do you handle when you lose mutual purpose? Discovery Conversation flows are our attempt to help you familiarise with the most common ”issues” faced during a Discovery Conversation. These provide a step by step guide to handle a number of different scenarios for Discovery Conversations 0 to 6.
Standards #3 - Certainty Maps (Online Version)
Certainty mapping is core to certainty Advice and the key tool to identify the value your client's are seeking from an advice relationship. Please click on the link above to access Online Certainty Maps. These are best used if you plan to conduct a virtual discovery and take notes using your laptop.
Standards #4 - Certainty Maps (Print Versions)
Please click on the link above to download and print a PDF version of the Certainty Map.
Standards #5 - Advice Map Questions
We recommend adding these Advice Map questions to your existing fact find process. If you are a beginner, start with adding the questions marked with an asterisk. The answers to these questions provide valuable information to produce the Advice Map.
Standards #6 - De-Briefs
The de brief form provides a consistent, specific and methodical way to capture key points post discovery meeting while the 1st and 2nd chair De-brief.
Standards #7 - Advice Map
An Advice Map captures a client's financial life on a single page. It is a reliable and consistent document used as a driving plan for the advice relationship.
Standards #8 - Advice Path
Advice Path represents what the best possible path forward for a client, looks like in terms of time, processes and outcomes in graphical form
Standards #9 - Terms of Engagement
Crucial engagement document consisting of an outline of objectives of work, scope and priority of the adviser's approach and an estimate of fees
Standards #10 - Nine Engagement Conversations
The engagement conversation frameworks provide a consistent, specific and methodical guide for conducting your engagement meetings.
Standards #11 - Certainty Advice Grid
An Advice Grid provides a template to categorise clients and manage advisory efforts.
Standards #12 - Certainty Pricing Model
The Certainty Pricing Model provides you with a starting point for effectively pricing your advice.
Standards #13 - Discovery Conversations Certification Ratings
The Discovery Conversations Certification Ratings provide an overview of the criteria we use to rate your Discovery conversations.
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