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Certainty Advice Webinars

Getting deep into specific elements of certainty advice to assist implementation

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Introducing Discovery Flows - The flowcharts for better Discovery Meetings
Introducing our new Discovery Flows - Each client is different, each member of a client couple is different, our team members are different, so how best to make your Discovery Meetings as consistent and methodical as possible considering all the differences? That's why we have created Discovery Flows. Building upon the Discovery Frameworks, these Discovery Flows now provide the pathways.
Building Term of Engagement Documents in 30 Minutes
Building Terms of Engagement Documents in 30 minutes is all about making your quality engagement document in a commercial, methodical, specific and consistent approach. It's not about cutting corners, it's about building systems, people and an approach with the right preparation, right balance of precedents and skilled advisory skills to engage the majority of new and existing clients in a timely manner.
The four common mistakes made in Certainty Engagement Meetings
Like Discovery Meetings, the Certainty Engagement Meeting approach is different. When discussions are focussed the client's value, rather than the advisers expertise, the skills required, the frameworks required are also a little different - this session highlights how we recommend these meetings are conducted.
Two Chairs in Discovery Meetings
Building a firm that delivers advice is different to delivering advice. The use of two chairs in the crucial engagement and re-engagement meetings is vital to reduce dependency on key individuals while building strength in the firms engagement approach that clients fully trust.
Tools for the tough Discovery
The toughest client meetings teach us the most. This session shares the key tools to identify what clients value, to maintain meeting momentum, to position the meeting context and understand the importance of silence. With proper focus and mindset, the toughest meetings will always produce great outcomes.
How to price value
Pricing on value is a significant paradigm shift for every advisory firm. This session presents three core pricing models for advisory teams to initially experiment and subsequently master their own approach to unconflicted pricing based purely upon the value each client perceives they are receiving.
The Most Important Advisory Meeting - The Debrief
The Certainty De-Brief Meeting, the most important meeting firms can conduct. This internal twenty minute meeting immediately after each clients significant annual meeting provides the structure to consistently, specifically and methodically gage price and manage every Certainty client.
Go To Whoa Webinar - From Discovery to (Re) Engagement
This webinar explains everything we know about engaging (remotely) and valuably for firms delivering comprehensive advice. The webinar has 3 segments - Discovering the Value - Constructing the Engagement - Engaging on Value
How to Build, Present and Manage Your Clients Financial Lives on a Single Page - Advice Mapping
A picture paints a thousand words. An Advice Map provides an instantaneous picture of the significant elements of a clients financial life. It has become the 'go-to' document for many Certainty Clients. This session covers how to build, present and manage client's lives using their own unique Certainty Advice Map.
How to Handle Questions & Objections to your fees
There is only one way to handle fee objections - with a focus on the client value. This session shares the common fee objections experienced by Certainty Advisers. It also provides valuable insights on what not to do when explaining your fee.
Curating Long Term Client Value - Managing their Complexities
Clients seek advice when they face complexities they cannot solve. Understanding how to identify each complexity and address them is core to providing valuable Certainty Advice.
How to Start Your Discovery Meetings
Discovery Meetings are different to what most clients expect. This session highlights four key elements to make great starts and generate the meeting momentum which is all about understanding the client's value.
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