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2020 Certainty Adviser Conference - How Advice will Grow & Adapt in 2021 & Beyond
By clicking on the November 12th 2020 – Certainty Adviser Conference title above, you will be able to view & download all Session Materials.

Lesson Content

Lesson Content
Welcome & Opening
Jim Stackpool & Martin Mulcare introduce the 2020 Certainty Adviser Conference - Objectives, Agendas and quick introductions.
"Three Years On Since Royal Commission" - Australia's Advice Marketplace
Jim Stackpool moderates discussions on Australia's advice marketplace with Liberal Senator for NSW Senator Andrew Bragg & Dr Angelique McInness, academic researcher from University of Central Queensland.
Future of Advice - Why Clients Will Pay
Scott Farmer, Paul Gilbey & Travis Martin outline their firm's plans as to why existing and new Certainty Clients will pay for their services in 2021 & Beyond.
Future of Advice - Growing Advice Firms for 2030
Certainty Advisers Annette Pulbrook, Dieter Tode, Reine Clemow & Neil Watson share their firm's business plans for growth using the Certainty Advice approach.
Future of Advice - The Winners & Losers
Certainty Advisers Tom Curtis, Anthony Roe, Jarad Stirling and Paul Birch share their insights into who will be the winners & losers in the emerging advisory marketplace of 2021.
Future of Advice - For the Greater Good
Former Australian Prime Minister The Hon. Mr Tony Abbott provides his insights into the big picture issues of COVID-19, Regulatory Reform, Sentiment & vested interests that Certainty Advisers need to prepare and manage into 2021 & beyond.
The 2021 Advice Path Ahead
Jim Stackpool finishes the 2020 Certainty Adviser Conference with an outline of the future path for Certainty Advice in 2021 and beyond.
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