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Your journey towards greater certainty will be as unique as you are…

It’s never about being ready as we’re never ready for our next stage. It’s about priorities. Yours?


Click here to prioritise the delivery of the value your clients seek by joining a growing community of firms from all over Australia who wish to build their firms on the value they deliver.

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“I started in the deep end from day one. First day, first client Discovery appointment. I don’t know any other way to provide advice. When the approach is so natural, I found it easy to start straight away.”

Samanatha Albiez

Certainty Adviser, Bravium CANBERRA

“I started using the principles years ago on my own. I made progress, but didn’t really get the value of the approach until I started with the broad community of firms.”

Martin Harkness

Director, Infocus Nedlands PERTH

“I started by joining Cultivating Advice workshops. I learn best listening to others, hear how they are adding value using the approach, for me to learn how my team and I can best implement.”

Darren Foster

Director, Paris Financial, BlackBurn MELBOURNE

“I start anything new to do with our client offering cautiously. I want to know as much as I can before I introduce it for the first time. For me, the online curriculum, the opportunities to hear from others and the guided support to start really got me going”

Shamani Hawtin

Certainty Adviser, Finbiz Advisers, WARNERS BAY

“I have been retainer pricing our value for years. I started by listening to the pricing webinars & reading about this pricing method. The workshop and Certainty Adviser accreditaiton were natural consequences when I met so many others like me.”

Reine Clemow

Managing Director, Acquira Wealth Partners, SOUTHPORT

“I’m a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to my clients.  I started by spending the time talking to other firms involved in this commuity to see if I would ‘fit’. The approach aligns, but the support from the group is what’s special about it.”

Anne-Marie Humphries

Managing Director, Huon Financial Planning, ALBURY

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