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The Future of Advice

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Today, your clients need much more than just re-assurance.

If you are acting as a principal adviser in these unprecedented times, your clients need more than a re-analysis of their cash flows, more than help with the steps to obtain entitled support, more than a review of their asset allocations. Your priority must be a re-confirmation of their unique complexities, what is now most fundamental to them, what now is most significant and valuable to them.

Over 90 minutes our Go-To-Whoa Webinars will outline all the steps we’ve learned in thirty years of working with great advisers who believe that enduring advice relationships are not built upon any assumptions as to what is of value to each client.

These steps are core to our brand of advice – Certainty Advice – the first Standard of professional un-conflicted advice recognised by ACCC and IP Australia.

Our ‘Go-To-Whoa’ Webinars – All the steps to engage with Certainty

(re)Setting Context

Powerful conversations need proper & aligned context. Setting (and keeping) the context of Certainty Converations on the value each client seeks is different to client’s expectations. Advice regarding solutions must follow an unassumed, impartial & thorough understanding of unique issues for every client.

Advising Methodically & Consistently

For too long quality advice has been dependent upon access to specific experts which creates dependency issues for firms and expensive advice for clients. Certainty Advice provides the specific and methodical frameworks for whole advisory teams to identify, deliver, manage and price valuable advice for their clients. 

Discovering Value

Certainty Advice is currently built upon nine and a half frameworks to methodically and consistently uncover the value client’s seek every year from advice. 

Engaging Value

Contrary to convention, Certainty Advice does not engage based upon technical recommendations. Our engaging frameworks currently include Certainty Advice Maps™ and Advice Paths™ which focus on each client’s unique value sought, high-level approach and terms for coming twelve months. 

90 intense minutes

Each Go-To-Whoa Webinar is 90 minutes. We pack a lot in. Roughtly half hours on each of value identificiation, value construction, and value delivery. There’ll also be Q&A, role plays, and sharing of materials. Sessions will be recorded and made available. 


Everything we do at Certainty Advice Group starts from our objective – the majority of Australians having access to comprehensive & valuable advice, unlike today when it’s only a minority. Our Go-to-Whoa Webinars aim to accelerate advisory team mastery in delivery of what each client values from their financial lives. 

“The Go-To-Whoa” Webinars

Session Registrations

Noon - Thursday 22nd October (SYDNEY TIME)
Members please click on this link to register for our next Go-To-Whoa 90 Minute Webinar scheduled for Noon (Sydney time) Thursday 22nd October.

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The Details


The Fee for attending our Go-To-Whoa Webinar is $89+gst. There is no fee if you are currently a member of our Cultivating Advice or Certainty Advice Online programs.

This fee includes copy of the webinar slides, a recording of the webinar, and copies of the advice frameworks discussed (e.g. Advice Map & Advice Path engagement documents, plus Discovery & Engagement conversational frameworks).

Also, 10% of your fee will be passed onto our favourite cause – Streetwork – supporting kids suffering significant stress, particularly in these times of Covid-19.


The Webinar will run for approx 90 minutes, divided into three stages.

The first stage is the Value Discovery Steps when meeting clients. The second stage is the Value Construction Steps conducted by advisory teams post Discovery and pre Engagement, and the third stage is the Value Engagement Steps when presenting your proposed engagement approach and fees.

Each webinar is interactive using live role plays with periods of Q&A.

“They’re different. They are efficient. They dig deeper to truly understand our end game – that’s their soul aim. It really works for us”

Client, Finbiz Advisers WARNERS BAY

“What is valuable to us both as individuals and collectively is vital”

Clients, Bravium CANBERRA

“I’m organised, but too busy working hard with long hours. More than ever now I have to work on my business and need my advisers”.

Client, Monument Advisory WEST PERTH

“It can’t just be about financial outcomes – it’s about our personal development and well-being too”

Clients, Acquira Wealth Partners GOLD COAST

“Without any doubt in my mind we would not have had the confidence to make the changes in our business without you guys”
George Tsakiris

Director, Advanced Financial Planning ELTHAM

“The majority of clients are more interested in discussing meaningful outcomes. Thanks for pointing us in the right direction.”
Josh Dalton

Director, Dalton Financial Partners SANDGATE

“Thank goodness for Certainty Advice Group. The approach just makes so much sense and it bridges the gap between what I believe advisers should do and what has been common place.”
Chris Kirkman

Senior Adviser, Chris Humphrey Private Wealth BRISBANE

“Value is what we help the client achieve. Performance has little to do with products – it’s all about what we do to fast track each client’s unique value”.
Jarad Stirling

Director, Stirling Financial Consulting CARINGBAH


When joining our Go-To-Whoa Webinars, please understand our bias…

Everything we do at Certainty Advice Group starts with our objective to shift the access of valuable advice from minority to majority of Australians. To support our objective, in mid 2019, we obtained sign off from ACCC & IP Australia on Australia’s first Certification Mark (#1994805) for professional advice – Certainty Advice.

For nearly thirty years we’ve believed in and witnessed the value obtained by clients from the delivery of non-conflicted, flat fee, comprehensive financial advice. So, every day, we develop tools, communities, frameworks and advisory support materials so the majority of Australians gain access to valuable advice.

The focus of the Go-To-Whoa Webinars focus on our Client Discovery, pre-Engagement, and Client Engagement frameworks. 



Drop us a note if you’re seeking more information about our Go-To-Whoa Webinar Series, we’ll get back to you asap

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