What is Certainty Advice?

Training, consulting, and planning experts for financial advisory teams seeking to fast-track growth into the new era of advice built upon client value.


Certainty Advisers advance, promote, adapt and develop the advice standards of the future that will accelerate the delivery of valuable advice for more Australians


The research, white papers, books, podcasts blogs and beliefs that forge the Certainty Advice approach


Growing the skills, value and confidence of advice teams since 2004, our Growth programs are tailored for every advisory team’s objectives…


The insights, lessons and business models built consulting to financial advisory teams since 1989 save our consulting clients significant long-term time, effort and costs


Membership provides the vital support so important for advisory teams making their own growth paths 


For 30 years Certainty Advice Group has advised, trained and skilled Australia’s leading financial advisory firms through their unique challenges of growth, from start-up to acquisitions.

our offerings

Certainty Adviser

A leadership, advocacy, and board of advice offer to champion advisers, their teams and standards for the delivery of greater  good and value for more Australians.



30 years of consulting to successful advisory firms of all sizes, locations, niches, and backgrounds provides firms with the proven options, steps and models to achieve more with least amount of effort & capital.

GROWTH Academy

They key to growth is support – our Growth Academy provides a tailored training and coaching program for advisory teams seeking to advance via the delivery of consistent and methodical value to their clients in the new era of advice


Every advisory team’s growth is different. Membership provides access to the lessons, insights and challenges of similar teams and roles to support and fast-track the progress of all members. All proven learning centre materials, frameworks and ad hoc support are included.

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