20th February 2020 Cultivating Advice Registration

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Attending Thursday 20th?

Attending Group 'Dutch' Dinner Wednesday 19th?

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What level of participation is expected at the workshop?

Our workshops are intensive. (Sorry to those that prefer to come and observe – however, if you do learn better ‘watching’, just let us know on the day). We’re big believers in learning by critique and discussions over real live case studies while using a panel of peers. This enables our sessions to quickly get to the ‘guts’ of implementation underneath the high-level theory. It also helps everyone in the room understand how implementation looks from all the different roles needed to deliver value to clients in a consistent, specific, unique and methodology manner. While the workshop formats are similar, each quarterly session has a different theme. At present, the February theme is Pricing, May is Certainty Adviser conference where long term advisory teams present their insights, learnings, challenges and outcomes, August is about the annual Client Discovery and November is Engagement. Improvements to the approach are introduced each quarter. 

What is the Wednesday evening 'Dutch' Dinner?

Key to growth and skilling are the insights, experiences, learnings from other participants. We strongly believe the ‘wisdom is already in the room’ and getting the opportunity to mix and understand the backgrounds, experiences, returns and challenges that every firm uniquely faces is part of getting to know the community at events like our quarterly dinners. We actively facilitate swapping table seating during the “dutch” (i.e. we divide the bill up evenly) dinners to meet as many other participants which helps leverage everyone’s experiences and networks to support everyone’s implementation and reduce any sense of post-workshop isolation.

How many people can I register to attend each workshop?

It depends on the engagement you are paying for. If unsure, give us a call (02) 89669135 and we’ll sort it out.

I've got a question that isn't listed...

Use the rego form to let us know – or just ring us (02) 89669135

We will acknowledge your registration – don’t hesitate to make contact for any query. 

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