15th-16th August 2019 Cultivating Advice Registration

Please share with us the following information to register for the August Workshops.


Attending Thursday 15th?

Attending Friday 16th?

Attending Group 'Dutch' Dinner Thursday 15th?

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DO I ATTEND BOTH DAYS - Thursday & Friday?

If you are new to Cultivating Advice – still in your first 12 months – we strongly recommend you plan to attend for two days each quarter. After 12 months, a two day session once per year will be enough to keep your Discovery skills sharp

What's covered on the THURSday Sessions?

The Core skills of Cultivating Advice are Discovery Skills – these are essential for all other aspects of the program and longer term consistency as a Certainty Adviser – we strongly recommend attending the Thursday events in your first 12 months to fast-pace your skills delivering your client’s best interests

WHat's covered on the Friday sessions?

The Friday sessions traditionally bring our larger community together each quarter. The themes of the Friday sessions change quarter by quarter. At present, the February theme is Pricing, May theme is re-engagements, August theme is Teamwork and November theme is Discovery. Improvements to the approach are introduced each quarter. Friday sessions are often run in streams to cater for broad range of experiences attending.

What is the Thursday evening 'Dutch' Dinner?

Key to growth and skilling are the insights, experiences, learnings from other participants. We actively facilitate swapping table seating during the “dutch” (i.e. we divide the bill up evenly) dinners to meet as many other participants which helps leverage everyone’s experiences and networks to support and accelerate implementation.

How many people can I register to attend each workshop?

It depends on the engagement you are paying for. If unsure, give us a call (02) 89669135 and we’ll sort it out. 

What happens if some of our team can not attend?

We livestream all the Friday sessions. While we are still working on it, we aim to give a great experience to those who can only attend via link. Let us know who intends to link in, we’ll provide them with agendas, links so they can actively participate during the whole day or parts there of. The live recordings of these sessions are also uploaded on everyone’s online curriculum site after the event as well for any post-workshop review or reference.

I've got a question that isn't listed...

Use the rego form to let us know – or just ring us (02) 89669135

We will acknowledge your registration – don’t hesitate to make contact for any query. 

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