Certainty Update – Friday 12th March…

Here at Certainty HQ we are about to start the best three months of ocean swimming – magic conditions, warm water, clean waves and sparkling water clarity – bring it on.

Firstly welcome to our ‘Certainty Updates‘ designed to offer brief, sharp updates about developments that might affect your implementation of Certainty.

After over twelve months of restrictions, we are finally slowly conducting live workshops here in Sydney CBD. Covid has taught us a lot, including that some topics and change efforts will always be better discussed live. Covid has also convinced us that virtual training and coaching is also here to stay.

On Thursday 18th March, we running a live (and virtual) workshop diving deep into the workings of the latest Certainty Discovery frameworks. The Certainty Discovery and Pricing Session will consist of many case studies, role plays and one-on-one coaching to help every participant, live or virtual, create their own ‘artwork’ and approach for the most essential element of Certainty Advice – understanding why our clients will pay, take and return for advice that is valuable to them. Here’s the details if you’re still considering attending.

On Friday 19th March is our invitation event for firms who are on the path to mastering their own Certainty approach. These biannual events are designed to build better Certainty Advice firms faster by leveraging the experiences and insights from a growing group of firms implementing as per accredited Certainty Advice standards. Together we achieve a growth far more confidently, quicker, and better than by trying to achieve growth individually. Here’s the details if you’re interested in these events in future. 

Via our PR firm, we are currently arranging a meeting with a number of Senators to address the systemic inequality of advice in Australia.

Advice is not another product as per Corporations Act, nor is the narrative about affordable advice anything but a race to the bottom on fees. Look at the industry funds ability to advise and you’ll appreciate that can not be in the best interests of average Australians. We seek greater awareness of the role of non-conflicted comprehensive advice, not just independent advice which is too often still product aligned in approach even if not in payment. Any input or thoughts to help me prepare, will be keenly accepted. I’ll keep you posted.

Any questions? feedback? thoughts? on any of this or anything bugging you about your own implementation efforts with Certainty Advice – please let me know.



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