FASEA’s Code of Conduct & New Virtual Certainty Courses…

Will FASEA’s Standard Three & Seven be watered down or not? 

While all other ten Standards of FASEA’s Code of Conduct are considered LAW, ASIC has adopted a ‘stand-off’ watch and ready approach on the two significant Standards which are still due for LAW 1st January 2022. Our preferred self-licence specialist – Stewart Chandler from AfslCompliance – sent through a very thorough update this week on how self-licensees should be preparing their records and approach. Thoroughly recommend Stewart.

We launched a new course this week. It’s scheduled for May 20.

It’s mainly for firms who are not seeking to be trained in Certainty Advice, but want more insights into value pricing. I intend to run small audience (no more than say 10-12 participants) virtual pricing workshops, just focusing on the concepts of value pricing. There’s more details here. As an existing coaching client if you’re interested you are welcome to come along at no fee provided there is space. I intend to repeat them each month until the end of the year.

We’re planning new monthly courses starting June too. I’m thinking of calling them Certainty Academy 1 and Certainty Academy 2. #1 will cover the essential initial skills to implement Certainty Advice with exercise and case studies particularly for those new to our approach. #2 covers some of slightly more advanced discovery concepts as a follow-up. They are designed to follow on from each other and will be run every alternative month – #1 in June, #2 in July, then another #1 in August… you get the picture? Any questions, please hit reply. Hope to have more details at end of next week.

May 19 – Finology Conference Livestream. In efforts to explore relationships with Graham Rich’s Portfolio Construction Forum, his group has offered access to their May 19 full day session – virtually. This is primarily for practising advisers whose “…primary day-to-day role is focused within the spectrum of issues involved in designing and building investment portfolios using (but not necessarily limited to) managed funds from a range of firms, whether institutional or wholesale”  Check out more information if you are interested here– then give me a call. 

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