Friday 19th March – Certainty Update

G’day – quick weekly update…

The awareness of Certainty Advice continues to grow with another prospect from Sydney making contact making direct with us this week. We’ve big plans for increasing both the awareness and number of prospective introductions this year – more to follow on this just after Easter I’m planning…

The only reason the Certainty Advice frameworks and approach works is because great advisers help us ensure there is continual improvement. Paul Birch from Pacific Wealth this week made some cracker recommendations to improve the re-Discovery approach on existing clients then they come back in years two, three, four and beyond. We’re prioritising these updates for next release of Discovery Conversations one and two – more to follow on this one too…

Big workshop week this week at Certainty HQ – this happens twice a year and throws us every time. If you missed either of these events (or even if you attended) and would like a one-on-one with me, Ang, Nidhi or Martin – here’s a link to find a fifteen minutes slot that works for your schedule.

Does the Training and Materials area work for you? We’re starting a process over next few weeks to be a tad more proactive based upon usage (or lack thereof) – we don’t mean to be probing, we assume everyone is time poor so when they want access to something, they want it quick – we’re planning on making the training and materials better and better.

Went past the 60 last week – life is indeed rich! It’s the new 40 – right?

Stay confident, trust your clients will value and reward you and don’t get too busy – these are times for businesses that build great advisers not just great advisers.



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