FSC’s “Advice-Washing”? Alan Kohler, Google Docs & more…

Heard of ‘advice-washing’?

I hadn’t either before this week. I hear it refers to marketing activities appearing as advice friendly when in fact they are not.

Last Monday 19 April the Financial Services Council – the body built upon Australia’s financial product makers – published a Green Paper on Financial Advice. 

The Paper makes great recommendations for needed changes to sections of the Corporations Act written for the financial services industry of 1980s, suggests SOAs are strangling affordable advice and can be dropped, even makes a suggestion to separate advice from product. Predictably the Paper trips over itself by contradicting the key contributing research report by Rice Warner by suggesting there should be new terminology for product sales called simple and complex advice. They still don’t get the difference between Australians seeking help with product choices and Australians seeking help with life choices.

I will respond. Any thoughts on this response are very welcome.

From this Alan Kohler of ABC TV and Eureka Report made contact. He was interested in Certainty Advice Group’s take on the FSC paper – here’s a record of our chat. Alan ‘gets’ what we do and I believe there are some in his audience that also get it.

Google Docs? Does anyone have significant insights using Google Docs to share with their Certainty Clients?

Keen to hear as few of the Certainty Advice firms are making new steps in this direction.

Do you run educational webinars/seminars for clients and the people important to our clients? Seeking those firms with experience running/holding educational events (seminars/webinars) for existing clients and those important to our clients? Bravium in Canberra is championing along these lines and keen to share experiences.

My session next week on April 29th – The Access Fee Webinar – will hopefully be a ‘head-turner’ next week – too many of us continue to do too much for too many which does not long term serve anyone’s best interests. Following on from this session, the May 3rd Roundtable will be a cracker – the importance of Breakthrough Clients to access worth. Don’t miss it if you want to be on your fastest path forward.

Any questions? Drop me a query in the space below…


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