New Workshops…


We started another Workshop series last Wednesday – the Skilling Discovery Workshops. These two and half hour intensive sessions are designed for audiences of a dozen or less to maximise learning, discussions, exercises and customising the implementation for every participant. While Zoom does not replace the face-to-face experience, it’s getting better.  These will be run every month – Discovery Skilling alternating with Engagement Skilling – and is open to every paying member firm.


After a good inaugural Pricing Workshop last month, I’m running number two this coming week. These two hour intensive workshop, designed similar to the Discovery and Engagement Skilling workshops, aim to discuss, share and have each participant leaving with a pricing plan built upon the Certainty Advice approach to value pricing – i.e. pricing purely on the value the client experiences NOT the amount of product (biased) or amount of hours (an questionable input rather than a definitive valuable output!).


Certainty Advice’s latest firm – Intrinsic Wealth in NSW’s Southern Highlands, have come out of the blocks fast with not one, but three SME-based Certainty Clients. From share-brokering, risk and investment origins, this firm has embraced our ‘start ugly’ motto, and are enjoying the bumpy productive ride. For me, they again prove that provided the steps forged are totally focused on serving the public and client good, the experience is always going to be up-lifting for firms and their clients.


Speaking of SME’s, more and more Certainty Advice firms are finding this niche fits perfectly their proposition. Last month’s Certainty Adviser Circle session with Scott Farmer shared great insights and outcomes for clients and his firm Bravium. Today, it was Annette Pulbrook’s turn to share her insights how she has evolved from SME work even further into 20% of firms taking her firm on as a CFO. The monthly Certainty Adviser Circle forums will only grow if the last two sessions are any guide with so many benefits for others getting access to proven steps and paths to accelerate the opportunities for every Certainty Adviser firm.

BTW – we are making changes to the site with a new EVENTS tab to quickly show ALL the future events we are running to provide one spot to see each session, what it’s about, who specifically it is for to help replace all the emails we have been sending…

Cheers – Jim

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