Pricing Workshop

A small audience virtual workshop for advisory firms seeking to price based upon the worth they provide.

Thursday, November 11 2021

11:00 am – 1:30 pm (Sydney Time)

FEE – $890+Gst









Why attend?

The Workshop’s discussions, models and precedents will save you and your team considerable time, trial and error as they are well proven in wide variety of firms.  The biggest benefit is confidence. Specifically the increase in confidence and growth options as your clients confirm your worth without the old dependencies upon products or effort. 

Jim Stackpool outlines the Workshop in the video on the left.

What Price Value by Jim Stackpool


All participants to the November 11 Pricing Workshop who have registered and paid prior to 5th November will receive a free copy of Jim Stackpool’s new book What Price Value when released in November 2021.

Why attend?


It’s the future. The pricing of advice on product is becoming commoditised. In the past, product based firms haved cashed out by selling client bases, however compliance and technology are reducing these margins. Advice firms however make money every year by delivering valuable advice. Also, the pricing of advice on hours only creates extraordinary workloads, significant dependency on founders and little goodwill. The future of advice is based upon consistently and methodically being paid based on worth, not effort, not products.


Save time. The workshop provides participants with proven engagement documents for pre-retirees, post retirees and wealth accumulators.  These precedents will save months and potentially years of effort building similar models for the new emerging era of transparent, valuable advice. The workshop provides priced documents from successful engagements to act as precedents for each participating firm to adapt, implement, grow or add to their own set of pricing models.


Follow proven paths. Don’t waste your valuable time doing this alone or in your spare time. The workshops are deliberating small audience to focus as much on discussions as tools and models delivered. These times dictate fresh priorities how firms will price, grow and deliver the value clients seek now and every year of engagement. As every firm is unique, workshopping how the pricing of advice is emerging as the most important factor of firm profits and growth is crucial to make the workshop relevant, practical and valuable to all participants. 


Use the right tools. Most advisory pricing tools were built in last century. Pricing is not cost plus margin any more. It isn’t based upon timesheets. Nor is advice priced like products. Goals-based pricing works when setting initial goals, but not consistently enough to re-engage clients year after year. The new tools are built upon concepts of fee tenions, fee breakthroughs, complexity grids, pricing pyramids, pricing committees and more are emerging. All will be discussed and shared in these workshops. 

Our Objective: Valuable advice for 80% of Australians…

We specialise in building advisory firms of the future. We do this by leveraging the insights, learnings, tools and experiences of firms who share a similar objective – delivering comprehensive financial advice purely priced upon the best interests of clients without any real or perceived conflict – we refer to it as the Certainty Advice approach.

Our workshops are intensive, workshop-style events, rather than lecture to maximise participation and return on commitment and investments made for attendance.  Since our first adviser workshop in 1989 we have trained, grown, and consulted to advisory firms who prosper and grow by the delivery of valuable advice where fees are determined on the worth and value of the advice rather than amount of product or hours provided. Certainty Advice is a proven new advice platform based upon valuable advice, not products.



Workshop led by Jim Stackpool (please note – agenda subject to change)


Workshop objectives, participant Introductions & objectives, overview agenda, table pressing issues, confirm workshop guidelines re timing commitments, privacy, participation, break-outs, etc…


Workshopping the Principles – “The Plato Purpose” – “Re-Wiring Price on Value not Cost” – “Why Client Complexity Drives Value” – “The Roles of Goals in Pricing” – “Introducing New Fees to Clients” 


Workshopping the Tools – “Fee Tensions” – “Fee Breakthroughs” – “Price Committees” – “Price Modelling” – “Pricing Precedents”


The context, use, implementation of proven engagement documents for pre-retirees, retirees and wealth acumulators. Soft copy of proven and priced terms of engagement, client’s life on a page, and client’s forward path documents.

Q & A

Implementation questions and answers to handle objections, adjust precedents, allocate implementation priorities, aligning pricing responsibilities to team members and pricing benchmarks to gauge progress,

11 November 2021

Pricing Workshop


Please fill out the form below to register your interest in our November 11th Pricing Workshop.

Each ticket provides 2 virtual seats to the event.

Please Note:

This event is only held virtually.

There are no recordings available.

What level of participation is expected at the workshop?

These workshops are designed to be intensive and participative.  The learning and value comes from active participation in session discussions. There is a privacy expectation that specific and sensitive discussions during sessions will not be identifable beyond these sessions. There is also an expectation that participants will stay for the full workshop, participate in workshop and allocated break-out groups.

How many firms are expected for each Workshop?

To maximise benefits for all participants these Workshop will be limited to approximately 6-8 firms. This will best ensure all firms can leave the Workshop with their specific circumstances  addressed.

Can I attend only part of this Workshop?

That is not our preference or design of this Workshop. The Workshop is designed to attend and participate in one sitting. Any questions or issues with this, please use the query box below.

Who can attend these Workshops? How many from my firm can attend?

These Workshops are designed for team members involved with price-setting and business strategy. No more than two attendees are expected per firm. This workshop is not designed to be attended by a team of more than two people. Sole attendees will be partnered with other attendees for break-out sessions and those with two attendees from one firm will be paired together for break-out sessions. For those with larger groups of team members, use the query box to reach out to us and we can determine how best to assist your circumstances. 

The date of this workshop does not work for me, when is the next workshop?

Please register with your details and state in the question box your preferred timings for another workshop.

When and where will this Workshop be offered face-to-face rather than virtually?

Considering COVID, we have no plans to run a face-to-face live workshop until 2022. If you wish to wait for a possible live version of this workshop, please register using this page and indicate when and where you wish to attend. 

What is the preparation required for this workshop?

Providing registrations are made in time (at least 72 hours prior), we will contact you for a fifteen minute call to understand your objectives, your pricing approach, your clients, your team members and your propositions. 

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