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HELPING clients ACHIEVE MORE with Certainty

Kevin and Kim – “The way I would explain what Bravium does is: They take away a lot of stress hidden in one’s life in having financial assurance and financial education. To be honest, I found myself being educated throughout these last 7 years.”

Kylie & Mark – “I found the approach completely different because it wasn’t just looking at one aspect of your furture (insurance, etc.). This was a whole approach and it’s made a huge difference. You need someone like Dieter and Travis, at Scope Advisory, to help you find your way.”

Frank & Craig – “Working with Stirling Financial Consulting has definitely helped us lay the foundations for what we need to work to to get our future in order, short-term and long-term.”

Bernadette & Eric – “Over the last four years FinBiz has helped us transform our original market stall into a thriving 100-seat restaurant with 24 staff. They have been invaluable.”

Donna – “Before Scope I was organised, but I just wasn’t getting around to do what I know needed to get done…”

Katie & Tim – “Acquira has been amazing for our personal development – not just about creating finances, it truly is a complete outcome of wealth”

Grant – “The return on the investment we find with the Stirling Financial Consulting team is the ongoing consultation and reassurance of the path we are taking and the decisions we have made, making me and my family accountable on those goals that we have set ourselves.”

Aaron – “I wasn’t good with money, I was doing what ever I wanted. Bravium isn’t just about what to do with my money, it’s about what I need to do to make my end goal”

The team at Bravium has empowered our clients to take control of their financial lives in ways that are truly in their best interests

Vik, Lawyer, alliance partner of Bravium Canberra

It’s about taking a client as you find them, not trying to push a product. Relief best describes our client’s feelings re working with Scope.

Alicia & David, Lawyers, alliance partners of Scope Advisory West Perth

There is too much misunderstanding what clients are paying for. The value of Reine‘s flat fee is clear regardless of the type of advice he provides.

Chris Dobbie, Accountant, alliance partner of Reine Clemow, Acquira Wealth Partners, Gold Coast

Stephen – “Before FinBiz my financial life was disorganised. The FinBiz approach is different, they dig deeper, their sole aim is getting us to our ‘end game’…

Lindsay & Zak – “We didn’t want to go to someone who had a bias and may not sell us what was in our best interests – that’s why we engaged Bravium“.

Get where you are going faster with Certainty

No Surprises

Comprehensive Advice that aims to remove any financial worry or surprise allowing you to focus on the significant things in your life

No Conflicts

Valuable financial advice is different to product advice – it has to be without any real or perceived conflict that could influence the advice

Transparent pricing

Certainty Advisers price in dollars and receive no other incentive that could influence their advice.

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