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Friday 24 February 2023, 9AM – 4PM 

A one-day workshop to accelerate the growth of financial advisory teams.

The uncertain economic times provide a clear certainty. The advice industry is overloaded with opportunities while facing an emerging new era of advice. Our Workshop will accelerate your plans by sharing the insights, lessons, models and strategies teams are using to advise & grow better.

Advance your financial advice teams with Certainty.



24 February 2023 Agenda

(subject to change)


9am – Certainty Advice Live Workshops are different. Since 2004, our most successful structure for productive development workshops is based upon the PARTICIPATIVE small group work combined with large group discussions and follow-up SUPPORT for every participant’s future steps.


10am – Breakthroughs drive growth while breaking restrictive habits, mindsets and pricing models past their use-by dates. Small group insights, a panel of various breakthroughers in different advisory team roles will illustrate what is achievable when a methodical breakthrough program is adopted by ambitious advisory teams. 


11am – With the wrong minimum fees, advisory teams become ‘sweat shops’ of high activity, high turnover, high dependency and falling profitability. The session will discuss the role, transition paths and loyalty issues when implementing tough and effective minimum access fees. 


12 noon – When divided into like-minded small advisory groups, the “What would you charge and deliver for $x?” provides a strong learning platform. There are no ‘right’ answers to the pricing cases, but there are better and worse approaches that affect the consistent, specific and profitable pricing.


2pm – Pricing on value driven by each client needs different precedents to pricing on effort or product. These panel and small group discussions will highlight the steps for every participating firm to price better, more consistently, quickly and valuably.


3pm – How will price of advice change in the coming five years? How are advisory teams preparing themselves and their clients? How will the price be influenced by capacity management, skills development, attracting and retaining talent, technology, advice niches, and regulatory uncertainty? A crucial discussion to help finalise 2023 implementation steps.


4pm – The session will conclude with the details of the post-event support provided to each participant. For those that can stay, the post-event bar will be open and complimentary to continue discussions, exchange contact details and continue the discussions started in the workshop groups.


For those that value the power of accountability to support implementation, ongoing support plans will continue post-session with tools, advice, accountability and support.

“Every Certainty event brings new insights on the power of value to grow our firm”

Acquira Wealth Partners, Gold Coast

“Highly beneficial hearing takes from other advisers at various stages of implementation – provided me a substance to build my own business”

Callan Townsend – ADVISER
Navigate Advice, Manly

“This was so wonderful and I really, for the first time in a long time, feel like I have a path forward”

MANDY NEWMAN – Principal Adviser
AJN Financial Services, Sunshine Coast

Thank You

10% of all proceeds received will be donated to the best unknown charity on our Northern Beaches – Streetwork – the last resort for growing numbers of lost, stressed kids.

Meet The Convenor

Jim Stackpool

Jim Stackpool

Founder - Certainty Advice Group

Since 1989 Jim has influenced, and consulted to advisory firms across Australia. As founder of Certainty Advice Group, he acts primarily as facilitator for professionals seeking to build advice businesses to serve the broad best interests of clients.

He has published four books on advice, written industry white papers, judged industry awards, chaired practice management curriculum for higher education institutions, and has been granted by IP Australia and ACCC, Australia’s first professional financial advice certification standard for unconflicted advice – Certainty Advice.

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