Building Expertise in Advice Niches


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This webinar will demonstrate how you can you fast-track your expertise and understanding of the niche markets that you want to build your reputation in. We will cover:
• The 12 week ongoing process to building niches;
• The need and importance of committing to on-going research for each adviser;
• The best practice benchmarks and outcomes your advice firm can expect to achieve;
• The mindsets, approach, tools, questions, processes, support material and resources required to consistently and methodically build advice niches.

In addition to the purchased webinar, you will be provided with the following forms. Please be sure to download all materials provided.
• Building Expertise in Advice Niches Presentation Slides;
• Centre of Influence (COI) or Alliance Niche Research Interview Handout;
• Client or Prospect Niche Research Interview Handout;
• Putting Together a White Paper Handout.


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