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Historian Arnold Toynbee is quoted as saying ‘Nothing fails like success’.Professional advisers will continue to face increasing challenges as they engage their advice clients both initially and every year if they don’t significantly overhaul past successful techniques, mindsets, habits and approach to engage (and re-engage) their ideal advice clients.

This webinar will go into considerable detail into what is said, how it is said, how clients perceptions are changed during what we call the ‘Discovery’ conversation with every ideal client every year.

This webinar will show participants how to probe like Columbo from the old TV series, how to interject, how to control, how to lead and most important, how to extract why they client will pay your fee either initially or every year you accept them as an ideal client.

• Webinar Presentation Handouts;
• Advice Mapping Process Map v3.24;
• Terms of Engagement – Sample;
• Outcomes Map v3.24;
• Discovery and Engagement Process Map v1.322;
• A free copy of Delivering Certainty (.PDF version);
• A free copy of Delivering Certainty (.epub version).


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