How to Write Professional Terms of Engagement Letters


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“How to Write Professional Terms of Engagement Letters”

What takes 45 minutes to write, doesn’t contain any financial product recommendation, and the majority of your new and on-going advice clients will sign it within three working days of receiving it? Our Terms of Engagement approach.

If you are looking for terms of engagement templates, approaches used by Australia’s best and professional (i.e. non-conflicted) advisers, don’t miss my out on this installment of our Cultivating Advice Online Webinars.

For too long Statements of Advice has been used as ‘engagement’ documents. They aren’t. They are compliance documents. Your advisory firm’s future is dependent upon clearly articulating the value your advice clients are seeking, the priorities you are going to focus upon for coming 12 months (and only 12 months!), and your fees (non-conflicted in dollar terms not percentages or hours or commissions).

Want to know more – this could be the best $89(+gst) you’ve spent.

In addition to the purchased webinar, you will be provided with its accompanying slides.


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