Nailing Your Most Important Meetings


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“Nailing Your Most Important Meetings”

Much has been written about delivering valuable advice.

However, turning great advice into a great business delivering great advice is a different challenge.

I ask financial advisers “…what’s the most important in your day-to-day operations”.

The common and expected answer is “…our client meetings, of course”.

This webinar will challenge that thinking.

When building a great business that delivers great advice the most important meeting isn’t the client meetings. Don’t get me wrong, the methodical, consistent delivery of client meetings is important to every advice firm. But if you are in the business of growing and developing a great advisory firm, the meeting immediately after your client meetings is, in fact, a more important meeting when it comes to developing a great advisory operation.

Too many of today’s advisers are wasting too much time doing too many low value tasks outside of client meetings whilst building too much dependency on themselves to really build a great advisory business versus building a good advisory job.

In addition to the purchased webinar, you will be provided with the following materials:

  • Webinar Presentation Handouts
  • Post-Discovery Meeting De-Brief Agenda – Abbott Case Study v6.22.


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