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Jim Stackpool's popular book Delivering Certainty is now an eBook. Save and get yours today!

The paradigms that spawned the financial advisory industry in Australia and most of the developed world have unfortunately not served consumers as well as they have served themselves.

Whilst most self-labelled ‘advisory firms’ were enjoying the fruits and bullish sentiments in the pre-2008 financial services marketplace, a few were focused on building great advice firms that delivered consistent, methodical and great advice regardless of markets, legislation, specific products or services (and without payments from product suppliers).

The global financial crisis could not have come at a better time for these few advisory firms who are well prepared with propositions that best deliver their advice clients with the outcomes they seek, with greater confidence in their financial lives, and relationships that continually augment the financial capabilities they require.

Their clients (and most consumers) crave greater financial certainty in their lives to best achieve what they live for.

Through our work with these world-class advisory firms, we have captured what they do to deliver that financial certainty.

Why not seek to build a financial advisory firm that aims to deliver as much financial certainty as possible for your own advice clients?


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