Goals-Based Advice Mastery – How to Use Outcomes Maps


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Goals-Based Advice Mastery – How to Use Outcomes Maps

The traditional reasons why clients engage financial advisers, planners and accountants are changing.

They always have and always will. Nothing new there.

In nearly 30 years of consulting I haven’t seen many examples where the majority of an active adviser’s client base packs up and leaves. But I have witnessed many examples where the majority of an adviser’s client base has lead an adviser into a very false sense of commercial security as they increasing activity fails to produce needed productivity.

If you believe managing your advisory productivity is more important than managing your advisory activity then my next paid webinar later this month might be of interest to you.

You see, I believe strongly in the Pareto 80/20 rule (where 80% of your returns come from 20% of your clients). I also believe strongly that every client deserves equal respect, but not equal service.

Anything that can improve the productivity (i.e. more returns, less efforts) of your advisory work whilst helping your clients achieve more in a professional engagement should be considered for commercial advisory firms.

Goals-based advice is a proven productivity booster for professional advisory firms. More importantly it adds a lot more value to your clients year after year than your technical advice alone. When delivered in a consistent, methodical and specific manner for your top 20% of clients, my experience is that you will increase your productivity as an adviser.

We embraced goals-based advice techniques for our advisory firms 15 years ago and have developed it for the unique Australian marketplace into what I now refer to as Certainty Advice.

This webinar will share with you, the tools, the techniques, the mindsets and benchmarks for implementing our Certainty Advice approach – Outcomes Mapping.

If you are interested in lifting your productivity as an adviser, if you have been delivering your own version of goals-based advice or if you are just trying to find a more productive way to ‘convert’ your existing 20% of planning, advisory or accounting clients to a engagement model less about you and more about them, then this webinar is for you.

In addition to the purchased webinar, you will be provided with the following materials:

  • Webinar Slideshow Handout;
  • Certainty Advice: 9 Discovery Conversations v1.71;
  • Certainty Advice: Outcomes Map v3.642.


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