How to Deliver Valuable & Unique Financial Directions for Your Advice Clients


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“How to Deliver Valuable & Unique Financial Directions for Your Advice Clients”

Our Certainty Advisers are finding that no matter how prosperous their new clients might appear on paper or in person, their conversations with new clients are finding more and more people almost embarrassed (and sometimes ashamed) to talk about their own very real feelings of financial insecurity. They’ve silenced their real fears by keeping their noses to busy grindstones of daily lives and repeating to themselves that “…everything will be OK”.

This is not just an issue here in Australia.

We’ve built a new ‘advice tool’ for our Certainty Advisers to help support and address these issues with each of their advice clients.

We call it “Advice Paths”.

Each client’s Advice Path is a one-page graphic showing their own unique path considered to be the best forward financial path just for them, their unique aspirations, their unique issues, concerns, and their financial situation. Advice Paths outline what will happen, and where the advice aims to get them.

In this webinar we show you how to use these Advice Paths to deliver valuable and unique financial directions for your advice clients.

In addition to the purchased webinar, you will be provided with the following materials:

  • Advice Path v1.1;
  • Client Engagement Flow;
  • Discovery Meeting Questions;
  • Post-Discovery Meeting De-Brief Agenda v6.32.


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