How do you know your pricing is working for you?


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Pricing on your value as an adviser is, I believe, the one thing that can make everything else you do in 2018 and beyond so much easier.

If you hope to improve your advice offering in 2018 and you are seeking tips on how to better price the value you offer that best serves your advice clients and your firm, this webinar will assist.

This 35-minute webinar will share:

  • Two essential methods to avoid 'fee comfort' among advisers - why do you want to avoid fee comfort zones? - because once in a fee comfort zone, your only option for growth is via more activity, more hours work, more clients, less fun;
  • Practical and workable pricing compliance - i.e. how to run your own pricing committee;
  • How and why it is so important to identify and separate future ideal advice work and current ideal advice work; and
  • How to quote for advice work.

I'm packing a lot into this short webinar, the last of my four on pricing (the first three available below), to hopefully assist your firm get the most value.

How to Price Valuable Advice Retainers
Handling Expected Queries and Objections when Converting to Value Advice Fees
The Artwork of Value Pricing


I look forward to sharing this webinar with you.


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