Not Planning to Fail On Your Most Important Plan of All – Yours!


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“Not Planning to Fail On Your Most Important Plan of All – Yours!”

For 25 Years I’ve worked on many advisers and their own plans.

From this experience, I’m convinced that the majority of advisers continually fail to prioritise their own planning.

Why is it that something they do so well every day for their clients, they can’t do for themselves?

I believe for two reasons.

Most importantly, for most mortals it’s just too hard to be accountable to ourselves for a different future.

Our brain is conditioned to firstly see the evidence to confirm that current habits aren’t that broken and therefore don’t really need changing.

The second reason is for most busy advisers – everything is a priority.

Therefore, in reality, nothing is a priority except that which is the most urgent.

This webinar will cover the four core elements of effective planning to build better advisory firms.

These are the very best of times to be building great professional firms.

Now is the time to build your own best possible plan that guides the delivery of fantastic returns for all the hard work, risk and determination you are putting in every day.

Don’t keep doing what you have always done expecting effort alone will pay off.

Want to know more – this could be the best $89(+gst) you’ve spent.

In addition to the purchased webinar, you will be provided with the following materials:

  • Webinar Slideshow Handout;
  • Magna Charter v6.13;
  • Magna Charter Example v6.13;
  • Why Are You Working So Hard v4.11.


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