How to Price Valuable Advice Retainers


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How to Price Valuable Advice Retainers

What’s the basis you use to consistently, specifically and methodically determine the price of your firm’s advice?

If you believe the pricing of financial advice is changing, then my next four webinars may be of interest to you or someone from your team responsible for the future of your firm’s pricing.

For my first webinar, I will be sharing the spreadsheet models we use for all the price committee work that we provide our private clients enrolling in our great Cultivating Advice program.

These pricing webinars are part of the curriculum of Cultivating Advice we use for any advisory firm interested in delivering a comprehensive financial advice model (i.e. providing and overseeing multiple services under management – SUM).

If that’s something you are already doing, starting to do, or considering how to do, then these webinars might be relevant to help you consider how comprehensive, ethical and valuable advice can be priced.


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