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Jim Stackpool's popular book Seeking Certainty is now an eBook. Save and get yours today!

Seeking Certainty explains that the current financial planning industry is badly broken and driven by people intent on just selling financial products rather than helping solve people's financial problems.

Many so-called financial 'advisers' today are just financial product salespeople more intent on product sales than the provision of quality advice to their clients. This has created a massive and growing 'trust gap' between the informed purchaser seeking financial advice and many of today's financial 'advisers'.

This book aims to provide the informed seeker of financial advice an approach to seeking greater financial certainty in their lives. It argues that clients who engage firms that offer on-going management of their financial behaviours, habits, mindsets, life experiences, situational complexities, and personal influences will obtain far greater benefits in terms of achieving their financial dreams that the 'old style', product-pushing firms that do not.


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