How to Uplift Fees for Your Existing Advice Clients


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“How to Uplift Fees for Your Existing Advice Clients”

I predict that your advice clients will not be as willing to pay your ‘on-going’ fees in the very near future.

How are you and your firm reacting to this?

Does the manner you convey the value of your ‘on-going’ advice need work?

How do you ensure your advice team not only can articulate but deliver the ‘on-going’ advice in a consistent, methodical and successful manner?

This webinar will share with you the methodical, consistent, specific and successful approaches being taken by our community of Certainty Advisers in their firms to convey, engage and in fact, uplift where necessary, their advice clients fees in subsequent years.

All business owners understand the value of repeatable, predictable, and successful recurring profits. However, the paradigms of our financial advice proposition here in Australia are fast changing.

The professional financial advisers in our community have known for some time that the days are over for the ‘set and forget’ approach when last year’s recurring revenue would flow in again in the coming year.

If you are interested to learn what they do, how they do it, and what results they are getting, purchase for a great return on your $89 investment.

In addition to the purchased webinar, you will be provided with the following materials:

  • Webinar Slideshow Handout;
  • Outcomes Map v3.61;
  • Post-Discovery Meeting De-Brief Agenda v6.37.


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