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Everything Arch Capital does is aimed at helping clients in the best possible way by using their expertise and industry experience. With expertise in Chartered Accounting and Certified Financial Planning, rigorous investment philosophy and access to the world best academic research, the team works to ensure their clients avoid the noise and pitfalls that destroy wealth. They strongly don’t believe in pushing products, commissions or being the distributor for someone else and are proudly a fee for service privately owned practice that believes in providing value to the financial lives of their clients.

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Helping clients ensure they have clarity and peace of mind is the core mission of great advisers around the world. The model is quite simple, put clients first, deliver amazing client service, and the product comes last.

The quality of your team is paramount to delivering the right advice every time. When markets have short term falls, your clients should not have a worry in the world. If they do, you have the wrong philosophy. Great advisers build systems and processes that deliver certainty over long periods of time – even beyond the life of their advice.

Nigel Baker

Director - Certainty Adviser, ARCH CAPITAL MONA VALE

Nigel Baker, Director of Arch Capital


Suite 35  90 Mona Vale Road, MONA VALE NSW AUSTRALIA 2103

(+61) 2 9905 9001



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