Bravium’s team advise the diverse needs of their Canberra clients – taking careers to higher levels, helping the military explore new deployments, building proud businesses, for those seeking new adventures, or sharing significant legacies. Bravium Canberra – helping others, achieve more, providing certainty, day in day out.

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2021 Federal Budget

Certainty Adviser and Senior Financial Adviser at Bravium Canberra, Samantha Albiez shares her thoughts on how the 2021 big-spending budget will affect her clients and Australians.

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Advice cannot be productive if conflicts exist. This has been shown time and again and was highlighted by the Hayne Royal Commission. Because of this, Bravium engages with clients in a transparent, unconflicted relationship. In this way we can add significant value for the clients we work with. These are the advice relationships that Australians are now seeking.

Scott Farmer

Founder - Certainty Adviser, BRAVIUM CANBERRA

Scott Farmer, Principal of Bravium
Everything we do at Bravium starts from a deep understanding of our client’s most significant hopes. You can never afford to make any assumptions when your job is ensuring all advice clients are always on their best possible future paths
Scott Farmer

Founder - Certainty Adviser, BRAVIUM CANBERRA

Samantha Albiez, Senior Wealth Adviser at Bravium

We just could not engage our clients in any other way – it has to be comprehensive, unconflicted and valuable for each and every year we work with them – how else could anyone deliver financial advice?

Samantha Albiez

Founder - Certainty Adviser, BRAVIUM CANBERRA

Lindsay & Zak

Young growing family, two busy careers, wants to do better than just survive financially day-by-day, only dealt with the banks, need to make the right decisions now….

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Sarah & Ben

Starting a new business, buying a new home, seeking greater financial awareness, sceptical of advice industry, didn’t know where and how to start…

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We weren’t very good with money, not getting ahead. Scott and Sam’s approach was very different to what I had seen from other financial advisers at the banks. They weren’t telling me what to do with my money – instead they assess they best way for us to get to our end goals.

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Vik Sundar, Managing Director of Chamberlains Law in Canberra relating why he refers his clients to Bravium. The fact our clients are only charged for advice delivered, without incentives, without product fees, without commissions and every relationship starts from the perspectives of the client’s value not product value. Our clients feedback is that Bravium empowers their financial lives.

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Our first conversations with Sam and Scott was really eye-opening. We discovered underlying expectations between my partner and I that Sam and Scott unfolded really professionally.

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Sharon & Tony

Bravium’s approach understanding what is of value to us both as individuals and collectively is really useful. We initially selected Bravium due their independence, whereas now we know we are a long way in front regarding the certainty and value we now enjoy for the fees we pay.

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It was a big step for me to put the reins in someone else’s hands. Managing my financial life was just getting too much for me. Getting Bravium to help me get my admin together has been great for my head space.

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Scott Farmer of Bravium breaks down how clients can recognise valuable advice.

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Scott and Samantha

Scott Farmer and Samantha Albiez at Bravium discuss the way their unique approach works to provide clients with certainty and direction in their financial lives.

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Certainty Adviser Scott Farmer from Bravium talks about what you can look out for when seeking ethical advice.

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Samantha Albiez of Bravium discusses why the separation of advice from the sale of product is a cornerstone of her approach to financal advice.

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Bravium’s Scott Farmer discusses what being a Certainty Advisor means to him and the impact it has had on his firm.

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