Scope Advisory (formerly Monument Advisory) delivers advice as they would hope to receive it – comprehensive, for busy small businesses, working couples and those with plenty of purpose wishing for no surprises in the day-to-day and big picture management of their financial lives.

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Money means different things to different people – but unfortunately, the financial advice industry neglects the people preferring to focus on their money. Scope Advisory is advice on how we would expect it for our own families –  proactive, accountable and in partnership.

Dieter Tode

Founder - Certainty Adviser, SCOPE ADVISORY WEST PERTH

Dieter Tode, Scope Advisory
Travis Martin, Scope Advisory

Our value as advisers is measured on our ability to impact our client’s returns on their life not just their money – we aim to have them living the best life they can with the money they have. Our fees are based upon the value as judged by our clients.

Travis Martin

Founder - Certainty Adviser, SCOPE ADVISORY WEST PERTH


I’m organised, but too busy, working hard with long hours. I wanted  advice without any ‘kickbacks’ or payments that might influence the advice. I want to work on my business, not in the detail of the financials – Travis and Dieter’s team ensure everything is taken care of.

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Kylie and Mark

I found the approach completely different because it wasn’t just looking at one aspect of your future (insurance, etc.). This was a whole approach and it’s made a huge difference. You need someone like Dieter and Travis to help you find your way.

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One of the things Monument Advisory really does is basically take that holistic view and have a look at your situation now, review it every so often and then have a look at the situation in the future as well. They are always reassessing your goals. That’s not really something that I would do on my own – I think most people don’t really give it thought so having someone else there to really ask you those deep and insightful questions about what’s really important to you, makes you stop and think about life.
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Susan & Stewart

When you’re running a busy small business, it’s can’t be just about today, it’s what is available to do what we want. We’re good at what we do in business, but we needed an adviser that cares about us, knows us – and provides the full service to get us where we are going.
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David & Alicia

As financial advisers, Dieter and Travis offer something of value to our particular clientele – it’s about taking the client as you find them not trying to push a product on them but trying to provide them with a solution moving forward and I think that is what Dieter and Travis really excel at doing.
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What I found particularly useful is how Monument acts as a single key point of contact for everything in our lives that is financial – they will come and attend meetings with the accountants, with our bookkeepers and I know they have a really strong base of industry experts that they can call on when needed. To have someone that is able to alleviate a lot of that pressure just makes life a lot easier.
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Dieter Tode of Scope Advisory explains why Certainty Advisers charge a flat annual fee, and the benefits this has for their clients.
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When Should People Start Getting Financial Advice? In my opinion, as soon as possible. The process we go through with Scope Advisory allows us to reassess things that go on – those life events where people come and go, a financial crisis, and more – it does make you rethink and double-check your goals and where you are in life.
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Certainty Adviser Travis Martin of Scope Advisory explains why he believes that a goals-based approach is the most effective way to help his clients achieve financial certainty.
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Dieter Tode talks about how Scope Advisory work to ensure they deliver valuable advice to their clients.
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Travis Martin of Scope Advisory Services talks about why he chooses to be a Certainty Adviser, and how it brings his clients a sense of security.
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Dieter Tode of Scope Advisory explains why he chooses to take the Certainty Advice approach with his clients.
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