How to Engage Valuable Advice Clients

A must attend event for advisory teams implementing a "less is more" model of advice



16 September, 2021

11am – 1:30pm (Sydney time)



What Price Value by Jim Stackpool

All participants to September 16 Engagement Skills Workshop who have registered and paid prior to 10 September will receive a free copy of Jim Stackpool’s new book What Price Value when released in Q3 2021.


Workshop led by Jim Stackpool (please note – agenda subject to change) 


Outlining Workshop objectives, tabling any pressing engagement issues, share engagement assumptions, confirm workshop agenda, break-out rooms, privacy, and Workshop follow-up.


How to positioning on client value rather than on advisory team expertise, services, products – How to position engagements frameworks of client’s Advice Maps, Advice Paths and Terms without detailed product or service recommendations. 


How to control the flow of Engagement frameworks – How to use 1st/2nd Chairs to reduce Engagement dependency – How to achieve 50/50 Engagement participation – How to conduct the three significant client value conversations in 30-45 minutes.


Starting with Client Value is different to what clients expect from traditional advisory teams driven by products, specific expertise and compliance. The mastery of four Engagement Skills of Positioning, of what we call “Plato’s Purpose”, of Pricing Objections and Value Pricing that address this will be workshopped. 


A series of short case studies using introduced engagement frameworks to apply workshop learnings in small groups. Each case study will focus on one of four key learning skills of successful and valuable Engagement Meetings. 

Q & A

Implementation questions and answers to handling common questions from advisory teams and clients regarding the positioning, the conduct, the pricing, the approach, the meeting management and the differences between new and existing clients.

After putting your frameworks into my artwork… the increase in value for one client resulted in 25% fee uplift and  another a 100% increase – the approach works.

David Pamflett

Financial Planner, Signate Private Wealth GOLD COAST

All participants to September 16 Engagement Skills Workshop who have registered and paid prior to 10 September will receive a free copy of Jim Stackpool’s new book What Price Value when released in Q3 2021.


The following will assist your experience when joining live…



As with any conference, being able to hear the speakers is vitally important to getting the best value possible. While there are always technical issues (hopefully small) when participating in online sessions, your own – ideally separate – headset will make all the difference. Smartphone headphones are ideal.


We hearing you is as important as you hearing us. While there are always video & audio issues, your own – ideally separate (non-computer) – mic always helps. Smartphone mic is ideal.

Twin Screens

Remote events are most effecitve when you  can see the community as though you’re in a room together. One screen for your workspaces (we’re using MIRO & GoToWebinar) and another for faces. (Not mandatory of course).

Our Objective: Valuable advice for 80% of Australians…

We specialise in building advisory firms of the future. We do this by leveraging the insights, learnings, tools and experiences of firms who share a similar objective – delivering comprehensive financial advice purely priced upon the best interests of clients without any real or perceived conflict – we refer to it as the Certainty Advice approach.

Our workshops are intensive, workshop-style events, rather than lecture to maximise participation and return on commitment and investments made for attendance.  Since our first adviser workshop in 1989 we have trained, grown, and consulted advisory firms who prosper and grow by the delivery of valuable advice where fees are determined on the worth and value of the advice rather than the amount of product or hours provided. Certainty Advice is a proven new advice platform based upon valuable advice, not products.

16 September 2021

Engagement Skills Workshop


Please fill out the form below to register your interest in our September 16th Engagement Skills Workshop.

Please Note:

This event is only held virtually.

There are no recordings available for non-participating Firms.

What level of participation is expected at the workshop?

These workshops are designed to be intensive and participative.  The learning and value comes from active participation in session discussions. There is a privacy expectation that specific and sensitive discussions during sessions will not be identifable beyond these sessions. There is also an expectation that participants will stay for the full workshop (please let us know prior if this isn’t possible for you), participate in workshop and allocated break-out groups.

How many firms are expected for each Workshop?

To maximise benefits for all participants these Workshop will be limited to approximately 6-8 firms. This will best ensure all firms can leave the Workshop with their specific circumstances  addressed.

Can I attend only part of this Workshop?

That is not our preference or design of this Workshop. The Workshop is designed to attend and participate in one sitting. Any questions or issues with this, please use the query box below.

Who can attend these Workshops? How many from my firm can attend?

These Workshops are designed for team members working with clients – advisers, client support team, paraplanners, associate advisers, managers.  This workshop is not designed to be attended by a team of more than two people. Sole attendees will be partnered with other attendees for break-out sessions and those with two attendees from one firm will be paired together for break-out sessions. For those with larger groups of team members, use the query box to reach out to us and we can determine how best to assist your circumstances.

The date of this workshop does not work for me, when is the next workshop?

Please register with your details and state in the question box your preferred timings for another workshop.

When and where will this Workshop be offered face-to-face rather than virtually?

Considering COVID, we have no plans to run a face-to-face live workshop until 2022. If you wish to wait for a possible live version of this workshop, please register using this page and indicate when and where you wish to attend. 

What is the preparation required for this workshop?

Providing registrations are made in time (at least 72 hours prior), we will contact you for a fifteen minute call to understand your objectives, your pricing approach, your clients, your team members and your propositions. 

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Meet The Convenor

Jim Stackpool

Jim Stackpool

Founder - Certainty Advice Group

For nearly 30 years Jim has influenced, coached, and consulted to advisory firms across Australia. As founder of Certainty Advice Group, he leads a like-minded team of professional advisory firms seeking to create greater certainty for their clients. As an author, blogger, columnist, and keynote speaker, Jim is regularly called upon for his professional insights into the advice industry.

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