Simple, Accountable Planning for your Advice Firm…

A big part of a financial adviser’s job is to make the complex things in their client’s financial lives simple.

I’ve long been a fan of Verne Harnish, his Rockefeller Habits and particularly his One-Page Strategic Plans.

As you make your client’s financial lives simpler and their outcomes more certain, Verne Harish’s One Page Strategic Plan will go a long way to make the complexity of your firm’s strategic planning much simpler.

By capturing your firm’s long term objectives, breaking down your desired outcomes into shorter one-year and quarterly time-frames, using relevant “smart” numbers that records and keeps team members accountable for ‘real’  progress, these one-pager business plans are indispensable.

Plans age as quick as milk.  

But the planning process is as vital to the health of your advice business as healthy eating is the health of our bodies. Verne’s One-Page Strategic Plans are great ready reckoners for your team’s weekly ‘heads-up’ meetings re how you are tracking, who is accountable for what, and what re-planning is necessary as original plans inevitably change.

Here’s a copy of one of our client’s One-Pagers.

Example_One_Page_StrategicPlan for Advice Firms

Put in place with weekly team reviews that’s committed to talk about what is, AND WHAT ISN’T working, your One-Page Strategic Plans help you build the advice firm you deserve.

What do you reckon?

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