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The Collapse of Client’s Needs

Financial needs are collapsing. It is not just about having adequate cashflows or reserves, it is also about having as much confidence as possible considering one’s unique circumstances.

Working the crisis head on

Your plan must be #1 – otherwise you’re always reacting to everyone else’s plans leaving hope your key strategy. Working to your own plan of attack, not only defence, provide better control and returns.

Abraham Maslow

Maslow is for financial advisers what Warren Buffet is for investors. The Maslow Hierarchy of Needs provides the proven frameworks for valuable client conversations.

Communities achieve more

Recent bushfires showed the value of community. Reach out both to receive and gain support. Working from isolation does not have to be ‘isolating’ in terms of the value you can still provide, or support you can receive.


Our clients have never experienced something like this, we have never witnessed a social media fuelled pandemic, we have never had to advise remotely as we now must – we have to advise like we have never advised before.


Is reassurance enough? Contact to only reassure might have worked in the GFC. Contact means much more now. With structural collapse of lifestyles, not only financial markets, advisers can not assume what is the specific complexities their clients now face or the value they now seek. 

“The Maslow Conversations”

Session Registrations

Noon - Tuesday 21st APRIL (SYDNEY TIME)
Click on this link to join the Maslow Conversation Webinar scheduled for Noon (Sydney time) Tuesday 21st April
Noon - Tuesday 28th APRIL (Sydney TIME)
Click on this link to join the Maslow Conversation Webinar scheduled for Noon (Sydney time)
If none of the above times suit, please click this link and let me know what suits?

Some of the Session feedback…

I can see the efficiency and subtlety of the questioning process and very much like the Certainty Map as a tool to record the whole conversation. 

Great timing, role play was excellent, sharp and to the point.  

Pretty well spot on. Did it on mobile. Will use bigger screen next time. Thank you for the download of documents.

Amount of time was perfect, enjoyed the interaction and practical application.

The Details


A free 40-45 minute Webinar to share advice tools, frameworks and context to immediately implement with clients. Content includes how to position, conduct, control these vital conversations to (re-)identify unique fundamental value for clients in these times. There will also be time for Q&A.


All implementation templates, frameworks, guidelines will be provided in soft copy during the webinar.


Access to the Webinar Community for practical support and confidence from other advisory teams on similar paths. Understanding the steps taken by others helps everyone’s progress.
“They’re different. They are efficient. They dig deeper to truly understand our end game – that’s their soul aim. It really works for us” STEPHEN

Client, Finbiz Advisers WARNERS BAY

“What is valuable to us both as individuals and collectively is vital” HELEN and TONY

Clients, Bravium CANBERRA

“I’m organised, but too busy working hard with long hours. More than ever now I have to work on my business and need my advisers”. DONNA

Client, Monument Advisory WEST PERTH

“It can’t just be about financial outcomes – it’s about our personal development and well-being too” KATIE and TIM

Clients, Acquira Wealth Partners GOLD COAST

“Without any doubt in my mind we would not have had the confidence to make the changes in our business without you guys” George Tsakiris

Director, Advanced Financial Planning ELTHAM

“The majority of clients are more interested in discussing meaningful outcomes. Thanks for pointing us in the right direction.” Josh Dalton

Director, Dalton Financial Partners SANDGATE

“Thank goodness for Certainty Advice Group. The approach just makes so much sense and it bridges the gap between what I believe advisers should do and what has been common place.” Chris Kirkman

Senior Adviser, Chris Humphrey Private Wealth BRISBANE

“Value is what we help the client achieve. Performance has little to do with products – it’s all about what we do to fast track each client’s unique value”. Jarad Stirling

Director, Stirling Financial Consulting CARINGBAH


When joining our Maslow Conversation Webinars, please understand our bias…

Everything we do at Certainty Advice Group starts with our objective to shift the access of valuable advice from minority to majority of Australians. To support our objective, in mid 2019, we obtained sign off from ACCC & IP Australia on Australia’s first Certification Mark (#1994805) for professional advice – Certainty Advice.

For nearly thirty years we’ve believed in and witnessed the value obtained by clients from the delivery of non-conflicted, flat fee, comprehensive financial advice. So, every day, we develop tools, communities, frameworks and advisory support materials so the majority of Australians gain access to valuable advice.

The focus of the Maslow Conversations free Webinars highlights one of our core frameworks – The Certainty Map.



Drop us a note if you’re seeking more information about The Maslow Conversations Sessions, we’ll get back to you asap

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