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22, 23, 24 MARCH 2022 (VIRTUAL)

Is the value academy for me?

The Value Academy is not for everyone. It is for accountants, financial advisers and financial planners delivering principal advice.

It is for firms committed to pricing advice based on the value clients experience.

It is for those seeking proven methodologies to engage, grow, price and manage advisory relationships, while reducing dependencies on founders.

In large multi-advisory firms, attendees will require significant senior sponsorship to support attainment of objectives.


The Academy is a skilling program built upon the achievement of breakthroughs – all participants will progress to pre-defined objectives by sharing both good and not-so-good implementation experiences.

Sharing implementation efforts drives specific coaching. This is a non-negotiable to achieve the learning breakthroughs and objectives.


Attendees qualify for the Value Academy if their role involves skills engaging, managing, pricing support, and advising clients.

Participants will be expected to have face-to-face (or virtual) client opportunities to develop skills and implement Academy models.

Senior advisers, advisers, associate advisers, client support, paraplanners, client management and similar roles with day-to-day client contact are suitable.

Fees allow for two participants per firm.

Can I attend only part of the Value Academy?

The program is designed for attendees to participate over the full nine months.

If a nine-month commitment is not practical, other offerings should be considered.

What is included in the Value Academy?

The main support for Value Acadmey participants is one-on-one coaching provided by experienced Certainty Advice team members.

Additional support will include weekly updates of implementation progress with the Certainty Advice community, and access to Certainty Advice training materials.

Also provided is the drafting and pricing of selected client engagements and para-strategy support to fast-track engagement and pricing confidence.

What returns can participants expect on completion of the Value Academy?

A plan driving participation, support and skilling will be pre-agreed upon, implemented and monitored throughout the Value Academy for each participant.

This plan will be built upon the value participants expect.

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Our Objective: Valuable advice for 80% of Australians…

Certainty Advice Group specialises in building advisory firms of the future. We do this by leveraging the insights, learnings, tools and experiences of firms who share a similar objective – delivering comprehensive financial advice purely priced upon the best interests of clients without any real or perceived conflict – we refer to it as the Certainty Advice approach.
Our workshops are intensive, workshop-style events, rather than lecture-style. This maximises participation and return on time in attendance.  Since our first adviser workshop in 1989 our objective has remained the same – to make valuable advice more accessible for more Australians – our target is 80%. This will only be achieved by a new era of advisory firms focused on delivering value. Certainty Advice is a proven advice platform to deliver valuable non-conflicted advice.

Meet The Convenor

Jim Stackpool

Jim Stackpool

Founder - Certainty Advice Group

For nearly 30 years Jim has influenced, coached, and consulted to advisory firms across Australia. As founder of Certainty Advice Group, he leads a like-minded team of professional advisory firms seeking to create greater certainty for their clients. As an author, blogger, columnist, and keynote speaker, Jim is regularly called upon for his professional insights into the advice industry.

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