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What Price Value?

Building your library of advice pricing precedents and models based upon proven professional engagements 

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The pricing on the ‘impact’ or ‘value’ your advice has on your clients is fundamental to the future of advice. These short 20-30 minute webinars help those advisers who also believe in the growing role value pricing will play as firms grow beyond COVID-19 and regulatory change. 

Why attend these webinars?

You’ll save precious time as each webinar provides the precedents of value pricing for your own implementation – you don’t have to build your own precedents from scratch – you can use our proven models. You’ll fast-track your growth using a pricing model built for the post-COVID, post-FASEA marketplace. Most importantly, you’ll understand your worth and value has less attachment to your efforts or any aligned products – these webinars and precedents will prove that it is all about the value your clients seek. Each webinar will add to your own library as we share different sets of precedents for couples in retirement, or pre-retirees, or small business operators, or professional working couples, or double-income no kids yet, or the myriad of clients our Certainty Advisers are advising every day.


‘What Price Value’ Webinars 

(re)Setting Context

Back in 2009, I published What Price Advice which provided the tools to help advisers price using retainers. The What Price Advice theories have helped create some powerful advice brands. In post-FASEA, post-COVID-19 marketplace, advisory firms have to evolve to meet the increasing need for unbiased financial advice – it’s more important than ever before as the context for advice is changing – it’s about the impact & value of advice not about the effort or related products. These webinars share the case studies for my forthcoming book – What Price Value.


Pricing is not about finding the ‘perfect price’ – pricing is about using methodical, specific and proven precedents to align what clients value with what advisers are proposing. Precedents and their pricing provide the necessary balance where vast majority of clients are accepting while also funding the required growth and returns for the advisory firms. Without these proven precedents, firms will spend valuable time forging their own approaches from scratch.


Regarding the approach to pricing, if business principals fail to manage their average pricing their ‘success’ and ‘growth’ may, in fact, be a steep path to higher activity, stress and workloads. These webinars and the precedents presented are built upon the ‘less is more’ approach to firm growth.

Retainer Pricing

Retainers are not ‘rough approximations’ of old FUM-based or hourly-based pricing engagements. The whole context of retainers is based upon what clients value rather than on what advisers do. These webinars provide proven retainers models based upon where the value always is – with clients. 

“What Price Value” Webinars

Session Registrations

Noon - Thursday 8th October (SYDNEY TIME)
Members please click on this link to register for our next What Price Value 30-40 Minute Webinar scheduled for Noon (Sydney time) Thursday 8th October.

If none of the above times suit, please click this link and let us know what suits?

The Details


The Webinar will run for approx 30 – 40 minutes.

A different pricing precedent will be discussed and provided as handouts during each webinar. These precedents will include an annual price and be presented as a Terms of Engagement document – i.e.  the document signed by clients each year.

Each webinar will be recorded and supplied for all participants.

“Overall, these sessions are very effective in delivering the message, time and costs effective too. “

Reine Clemow

Director, Acquira Wealth Partners - GOLD COAST

“Value is what we help the client achieve. Performance has little to do with products – it’s all about what we do to fast track each client’s unique value”.
Jarad Stirling

Director, Stirling Financial Consulting CARINGBAH


When joining our What Price Value Webinars, please understand our bias…

Everything we do at Certainty Advice Group starts with our objective to shift the access of valuable advice from minority to majority of Australians. To support our objective, in mid 2019, we obtained sign off from ACCC & IP Australia on Australia’s first Certification Mark (#1994805) for professional advice – Certainty Advice.

For nearly thirty years we’ve believed in and witnessed the value obtained by clients from the delivery of non-conflicted, flat fee, comprehensive financial advice. So, every day, we develop tools, communities, frameworks and advisory support materials so the majority of Australians gain access to valuable advice.

The objective of the What Price Value Webinars is broadening the conversation, use and implementation of proven pricing precedents that align with our unique standard of professional advice. 



Drop us a note if you’re seeking more information about our What Price Value Webinar Series, we’ll get back to you ASAP.

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