Providing the frameworks, standards, accreditations and advisory community for your best financial progress


Progress in financial lives require the highest possible standards. Certainty Advisers adhere to the only accredited Standard built upon advice, not products.  We ensure nothing can compromise or adversely influence your best possible future.

Certainty Advice is for those Australians seeking advice in their best interests without any vested interests. Certainty Advice is an accredited & safe standard – it is the future of financial advice.

Certainty Advice Group is the first financial advisory group in Australia to obtain an IP Australia professional advice certification standard (#1755914) – All Certainty Advisers adhere to Standards of delivering no conflict, comprehensive advice priced annually in dollar amounts purely upon value to their clients – as all comprehensive financial advice should be.

Why Choose Certainty Advice?



Everything we do starts with the VALUE you seek. Our advice aims to deliver that VALUE via the best possible financial path, long term.


With us there are no perceived or real incentives that influence our advice – we only get paid by you, in terms you understand.


We believe advice is of value when it consistently provides greater freedom for you to live the life you wish.

What Price Value by Jim Stackpool

What Price Value

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Delivery expected from 31st October 2021.

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