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Thursday 23 September
12pm – 12:45pm



More than other client niches, the pricing of existing clients in ‘pre-retiree’ requires a good understanding of the base level of pricing – namely, access pricing. 

What is each firm’s price for access to the advisory team?

Old-world advice pricing is based upon the ‘inputs’ or commodities the advisory teams provide. The new era of advice will require a different approach to price not on ‘inputs’ but on the ‘outputs’. This is the worth the client places on the relationship rather than the effort or products.

This session will share proven precedents and discussions that every price committee and the advisory team will need to consider to effectively price ongoing pre-retiree relationships on worth.

For Certainty Advice members only.

Monday 27 September
11:30am – 12:15pm


Certainty Roundtable: “Advice Grids – The Engine of Pricing Committees

Managing the pricing of advice when pricing on value needs a different approach to last century’s advice pricing models which are based upon the amount of product or amount of effort.

Advice Grids provide the crucial relativity for Price Committees of the future to manage their team’s pricing skills and development.

This Roundtable will facilitate discussions of effective price management for the new era of financial advice.

For Certainty Advice members only.

Thursday 7 October
11am – 1:30pm



A small audience virtual workshop for advisory firms seeking to price based upon the worth they provide.

The Workshop’s discussions, models, and precedents will save you and your team considerable time, trial, and error as they are well.

Public: $890+Gst

Member: free 

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