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Everything we know about the  best approach to deliver value to serve the comprehensive best interests of clients is in Certainty Advice Online.
Built for advisers and advisory teams (especially support and management), the Certainty Advice Online curriculum is broad and deep. It is also on-going. We continually update it  as we find better models to deliver more valuable advice. It contains models, quizzes, short instructional videos on specific elements of delivering value, recordings of live-streamed topics, weekly hookups with advisroy team member sharing their insights, lessons, challenges, set backs and returns. There are agendas, practical meeting frameworks for effective Discovery and Engagement meetings, webinars, agenda templates, frameworks for de-brief meetings, and libraries of all our tools.

For a limited time, we are keeping the monthly member subscription to $249+Gst/month. For as little as a couple of coffees every day, you will have access to all the tools, the templates, the training materials and most importantly, the community of like-minded advisory firms building similar advisory models based upon our Certainty Advice Standard.


Certainty Advice is the most professional approach we’ve found for our accounting and financial planning teams to consistently help our clients achieve more in their lives.

Annette Pulbrook


Online Offerings



Our Roundtables every week share the insights, learnings, returns and implementation stories from our advisory firms from all over the country. Every firm is different, every client is different but learning the insights from others on a similar path to deliver the value their clients seek, helps us all better serve our clients.


Every month our intensive 40-45 minute webinars and Q&A sessions dive deep in the core DNA of Certainty Advice – namely the three core meetings – Discovery, De-Briefing & Engaging. These webinars highlight the Certainty Advice frameworks using case studies, Q&As, and Quizzes to advance each firm’s consistent, unique and methodical approach to identifying, pricing and presenting the value their clients seek.


ONLINE curriculum

When in doubt – go to the curriculum. Our curriculum is not only the collection of the tools to implement your unique version of Certainty Advice, but also houses the training modules, the quizzes, the case studies of everything we’ve produced that is still current. The curriculum contains all the required frameworks for the unique artwork that is your implementation.


When stuck, send us an  email or reach out via our support forums and we will connect you to an expert. If you lose your password, can’t find that agenda you need, or you reckon the quiz answer is wrong, or you read something about pricing that needs clarification or something just does not make any sense, reach out. We aim to answer all email requests within 24 working hours.

Certainty Curriculum

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