Setting standards

An Australian First

Certainty Advisers adhere to Australia’s first Certification Mark for professional advice. Jointly issued by Australian Competition and Consumer Commission and IP Australia, the Certainty Advice Certification Mark provides clear boundaries ensuring the three core principals of Certainty Advice are maintained by all our certified Advisers.


Certainty’s Three Principles

No Conflicts

Firstly, the only payment or benefit to Certainty Advisers is from clients. We believe this is a crucial principal when aiming to provide comprehensive advice which is in the best interests of clients.


Secondly, Certainty Advice is comprehensive or Principal Advice. We believe advice needs to be based upon a careful & thorough understanding of all aspects that might affect our client’s best interests.


Thirdly, Certainty Advice is priced in dollars, like everything else we buy. We believe pricing our advice in dollars and totally separating any product fees, best enables clients to determine the value of advice. 

Why Advisory Firms Adhere to Certainty Standards

Paul Gilbey


Perth WA


Certainty Adviser – FINBIZ ADVISERS

Warner’s Bay NSW

Reine Clemow


Southport QLD


Certainty Advice Standards apply to HOW advice is priced, HOW value is identified,  and HOW the delivery of value is managed. While operating within the Standards, each Certainty Adviser brings their unique technical skills, experience, and network to deliver the expertise required.

Financial Life On a Page

One of our Standards is capturing and representing everything on one page (or screen) that affects the delivery of value in our client’s financial lives – that includes every client’s aspirations, priorities, advice, complexities and strategies.

Advisory Meetings

The Standards to facilitate and conduct valuable advice meetings are intrinsic to Certainty Advice. These frameworks provide a methodical platform  for all the variances every advice/client meeting naturally follows. We don’t believe professional advice can be scripted, but we strongly believe it needs solid frameworks.

Terms of Engagement

Standards are crucial when clients commit to an advisory relationship. Our Standards ensure that  each annual agreement between adviser and client explicitly reflect the core principals of being non-conflicted (i.e. no payment or benefit to the firm or related party, from any source, other than the client), retainer pricing in dollars, and comprehensive propositions.

CLIENT Testimonials

I’m protective of who I refer my clients to. Their approach is from the ground up which ensures the best outcome… rather than a top-down loading of ‘this is the best product for you'”


Financier, Alliance of FinBIz Advisers

Our initial conversations were nothing like I expected. They really wanted to understand everything to know what is my best path forward.  The set fee is great, you know what you’re getting and it is important there is no conflicted advice.


New Level Landscapes, Client of Bravium CANBERRA

We never considered asking each other some of the questions we actually did need to think about. The life on a page painted a very clear picture. We now have direction, reassurance and the certainty.


Client of Infocus Nedlands

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